Qingshuihe National Port in Gengma County, Lincang


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Qingshuihe Port is a port between China and Myanmar. It is located in Mengding Town, Gengma County, LinCang City, Yunnan Province. It docks with Qingshuihe Port in Qingshuihe City, the first Special Zone of Shan State of Myanmar, and faces the second Special Zone of Myanmar Shan State (WA State) across the river.

Detailed Information

Name of Port: Qingshuihe Port
Nature of Port: Highway (Bridge)
Opening Time of Ports: On August 1991, it was approved as a second class opening port by the provincial people’s government. On October 14, 2004, it was approved as a first class open port by the State Council.
Acceptance: Port inspection function passed provincial acceptance on May 25, 2006. The main products imported through Mengding Qingshuihe Port are wood, zinc oxide, lead oxide, natural rubber, rice, sesame and various legumes. International ports: at present, Mengding Qingshui River port has not been opened to third country personnel.
Bilateral Ports: At present, Myanmar Qingshui River port has not been opened to third country.
Seasonal Opening Ports: Bilateral ports are open all year round.
Port Inspection Personnel Establishment: 53 customs officers , 44 police ; 90 border inspection; 65 inspection and quarantine. The establishment of inspection units: customs, inspection and quarantine is at the level of the department, border inspection points belong to the level of the regiment.

Geographical Position

The geographical position is located in Mengding Town, Gengma County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. It is 83 kilometers from the county seat. It is located at 99 °04N, 23 °33N, with an average elevation of 510 meters. The port passage is next to border pillar 145.
Qingshuihe Port radiation Myanmar Laxu, Gunnong, Laojie, Nandeng. There are160 kilometers from the Qingshui River to Laxu Commodity distribution center of Myanmar. As the border became stable, the government of the Burmese Army gradually relaxed foreign trade restrictions, allowed private trade, and opened the border trade of neighboring countries.


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The Climate of Qingshuihe Port 

More than 90% of the land in Qingshuihe Port  is distributed in tropical and subtropical. The climate is subtropical monsoon climate of South Asia, which is good for plants to grow. Annual average temperature of Gengma county is 18.8℃. The lowest average monthly temperature is 11.6℃ and the highest average monthly temperature is 23.3℃. The annual average precipitation is 1311 mm. Rainfall in summer and autumn is much more than winter and spring. Altitude in this area is between 450 meters and 3323 meters above the sea level. 

Because temperature in Qingshuihe Port  is relatively high throughout the year, tourists may pay a visit anytime. You don’t have to wear thick clothes in winter, which can lighten your baggage.



China Burma Road (Zhenqing Line), Linqing Expressway [under construction]


Kunming-Dali-Lincan-Qingshuihe Railway [Planning]


Lincang Airport, Mengding Airport [Planning]

Travel Tips

1. Dressing: Large difference temperature between day and night, it is easy to catch a cold. Keep warm and avoid catching cold.
2. Sunscreen: When it rains, ultraviolet ray is weak; while sunny days, ultraviolet ray is strong, wearing sun cream, wearing a hat or a thin long-sleeve coat is necessary.