Gengma County Culture

1. Ethnic Groups 

Gengma Dai and Yi Autonomous County is inhabited by Dai, Wa, Lahu, Bulang, Jingpo, Deang, Lisu, Yi, Hui and Han etc, ethnic groups. In 2010, there are Dai people 56,900, which accounts for 19.21% of total population; the population of Wa people is 45,800, which accounts for 15.45% of total population.

2. Ethnic Town

There is only one ethnic town in Gengma County, it is Manghong Lahu and Bulang ethnic town(芒洪拉祜族布朗族乡).

3. Ethnic Culture

Mengding town’s unique ethnic festivals, ethnic costumes and ethnic culture reflect the profound history of Dai culture and history. It is called the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art ------the hometown of Dai song and dance by Ministry of Culture. Red deer dance is provincial intangible cultural heritage and butterfly dance is applying for municipal intangible cultural heritage.