Gengma County Transportation

Gengma County is characterized by advantageous location, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. You can choose Airplane or Long-distance bus to get to and leave there.

Getting to & Leaving

By Air

1. Lincang Airport(临沧机场)

Tourists from other places, if your place has a airport, you can fly to Lincang first, then take long-distance bus to Gengma county. It takes about 50 minutes to fly from Kunming to Lincang(there are 6-7 flights every day), and about 4 hours from Linxiang district to Gengma county by long-distance bus.

2. Cangyuan Washan Airport(沧源佤山机场)

Tourists can also fly to Cangyuan Washan Airport first, and then take Long-distance bus. It takes 1 hour and 5 minutes to fly from Kunming to Cangyuan county(there are 2-4 flights every day), and about 2 hours from Cangyuan county to Gengma county by long-distance bus.

Long-distance Bus

Long-distance bus is another choice, although it takes more time, you can reach almost every place in Gengma county. It is 611 kilometers from Kunming to Gengma county, takes around 10 hours and 30 minutes by long-distance bus. Here below are main bus terminals in Gengma county.

1. Gengma Bus Terminal(耿马客运站)

Address: On the crossing of Jianshe Road and Zhenxin Road(云南省临沧市建设路与震新路交叉口)

Tel: 883-6121281

2. Mengding Bus Terminal(孟定客运站)

Address: Zhongmian Road, Mengding Town, Gengma County(耿马县孟定镇中缅路)

Tel: 0883-6516785

3. Sipaishan Bus Terminal(四排山客运站)

Address: Guannong Road, Sipaishan Township, Gengma County(耿马县四排山乡关弄路)

In addition, the railway from Kunming to Lincang to Qingshuihe and Mengding Airport are included in the plan. In the near future, going to Gengma county by air or railway will be available.

Getting Around

There are four vehicles you can get when getting around Gengma county. 

1. When you get around in Gengma town(the county seat of Gengma County) or Mengding town, you can take a taxi or bus. But there are few bus lines in small places.

2. When you get around from a town to another town, like from Gengma town to Mengding town, you should take long-distance bus or charter a minibus.