Heshun Ancient Town Shopping

The famous Tengchong local products include jade articles, rattan work, etc. In Heshun, you can buy some books about Heshun Town and tourist handicraft such as the emblem of the Burma war museum, Heshun drum, etc.

What to Buy in Heshun Ancient Town

1. Tengchong Jade

Tengchong jade objects are the renowned traditional handicrafts of Yunnan with a long history of about 500 years. There are various jade products, such as bracelets, hairpins and brooches. They are sold even to the countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau.

2. Tengchong Cane Handcrafts

Canes growing in the forest in the frontier area in Tengchong are tough and thin, which makes it a good material for things like chairs and boxes. People in Tengchong are good at the knitting of the cane material and the cane handcrafts are welcome by the consumers. The handcrafts made from cane are very popular in the city.

3.Local Home-made Wines

Local home-made wines are presented in almost every restaurant and pub. The names are often quite romantic, such as Memories of the Past(忆当年), Pretty Girl(女儿媚), Lover's Tear(情人泪), Bitter Missing(相思苦). Pretty Girl is a mild brew of local plums while others are of wild herb fruits.

4.Fine Dried Noodles

The production of dried noodles has a very long history. The Golden Dragon brand noodles are particularly famous for its excellent quality, purity, smoothness, softness, durability and good taste.

Where to Buy in Heshun Ancient Town


Add: Heshun Town, Tengchong, Yunnan

Tel: 0875-5150475

2.Sister Local Speciality(姊妹土特产)

Add: Shuidui Village, Tengchong, Yunnan

Tel: 18288515119