Honghe Transportation

Since long-distance buses and trains to Honghe are available, transportation in Honghe prefecture is relatively convenient. But road is still the main mode of transportation into Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, especially to Yuanyang. 

How to Get to Honghe

At present, the main transportation means to get to and get away Honghe prefecture is long-distance bus. Surely, tourist can also take trains to Mengzi, Jianshui and Hekou County. There is no airport in Honghe currently. 

By Long-distance Bus

Long-distance bus travel is the main alternative to get to Honghe in addition to trains. There are long-distance buses leading to the important cities and counties in Honghe prefecture. The distances from Kunming to Mengzi, Gejiu, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Luxi and Hekou are about 258 kilometers, 260 kilimeters, 193 kilometers, 310 kilometers, 180 kilometers and 398 kilometers respectively. Besides, Jianshui is about 81 kilometers from Yuanyang.

Main Long-distance Bus Stataions in Honghe

  • Mengzi Bus Terminal(蒙自汽车客运站)
    Address: Intersection of Tianma Road and Huimin Road, Mengzi City, Hognhe Prefecture红河州天马路与惠民路交叉口
    Tel: 0873-3720825
  • Jianshui Bus Terminal(建水汽车客运站)
    Address: No.280, Yinghui Road, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县迎晖路280号
    Tel: 0873-7653538
  • Yuanyang Nansha Bus Terminal(元阳南沙汽车客运站)
    Address: No.121, Renmin Road, Nansha town, Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture红河州元阳县南沙镇人民路121号
    Tel: 0873-5643485
  • Gejiu Bus Terminal(个旧汽车客运站)
    Address: No.4, Gejin Road, Gejiu City, Hognhe Prefecture红河州个旧市个金路4号
    Tel: 0873-2132982/0873-2222091
  • Hognhe County Bus Terminal(红河汽车客运站)
    Address: Intersection of Songhua Street and Huancheng North Road, Honghe County, Honghe Prefecture红河州红河县松花街与环城北路交叉口
    Tel: 0873-4621341
  • Lvchun Bus Terminal(绿春汽车客运站)
    Address: Daxing Town, Lvchun County, Honghe Prefecture红河州绿春县大兴镇
    Tel: 0873-4221323
  • Hekou Bus Terminal(河口汽车客运站)
    Address: Beishan Road, Hekou County, Honghe Prefecture(红河州河口县北山路)
    Tel: 0873-3425859

Honghe Expressway

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By Train

At Present, there are railway stations mainly in Mengzi, Jianshui, Mile and Hekou of Honghe prefecture, but not in Yuanyang.

Main Railway Stations in Honghe

Mengzi Railway Station(蒙自站)

On December 1, 2014, Mengzi-Hekou railway was put into use, and it only takes 1 hour and 44 minutes from Mengzi to Hekou. On January 5, 2019, bullet trains from Kunming to Mengzi were opened, marking the opening of the Kunming-Mengzi inter-city railway.
Address: Weixin Village, Mengzi City, Honghe Prefecture红河州蒙自市维新村

Jianshui Railway Station(建水站)

On February 23, 2013, railway from Yuxi to Mengzi was put into operation. Therefore, Jianshui railway station was relocated from Yinghui road in Lin'an town to Jinjizhai village, in the meantime, put into use. On January 5, 2019, bullet trains were officially launched at Jianshui station.

Mile Railway Station(弥勒站)

Mile railway station, located in Pulong village of Dongfeng farm, Mile city, is one of the main intermediate stations of Yunnan-Guangxi railway. It is one of the important railway hubs in southeast Yunnan province, and is connected with Mile-Mengzi railway. There are trains to Kunming, Nanning, Guilin and Guangzhou.

Hekou North Railway Station(河口北站)

Hekou north railway station, one of the railway stations on the Mengzi-Hekou railway, opened passenger service on December 10, 2014, and freight service on January 2, 2015. The total length of the Mengzi-Hekou railway is 141 kilometers, starting from Mengzi railway station in the north to Hekou north railway station, a border port between China and Vietnam in the south. The railway has built 32 tunnels and 47 Bridges, with a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour and a potential speed of 160 kilometers per hour for transformation and upgrading. The passenger and cargo train from Kunming is expected to reach Hekou port within 4 hours.

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By Air

There is no airport in Honghe prefecture yet, but Mengzi Airport, Mile Airport and Yuanyang Airport are under plan and construction. In coming years, travel to Honghe by plane will be available.

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How to Get Around Honghe

The modern public transportation system in Honghe, which mainly consists of a number of bus lines and taxi services, makes the travel within a city/county seat easier and more pleasant. In addition, every city or county in Honghe prefecture has its own bus terminal. You can take regular bus between cities and counties, which can allow you to really experience the local way of life.

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