Mile Dongfeng Airport in Honghe

Mile Dongfeng Airport in Honghe(弥勒东风机场) is located in Mile City, Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan Province.Mile Dongfeng Airport (Mile Dongfeng Airport; License No.: T13820215000700), referred to as “Mile Airport”, is located in Daxindi Village, Dongfeng Town (southeast of Dongfeng Farm), Mile City, Honghe, Honghe, Yunnan Province, China, about 14.7 km north of the center of Mile.

The flight area is 2B, which is an A1 runway general airport. On November 18,2017, Mile Dongfeng Airport started construction; in April 2020, Mile Dongfeng Airport officially started; on June 11,2021, Mile Dongfeng Airport test flight was successful; and on July 15,2021, Mile Dongfeng Airport was officially opened.

As of July 2021, Mile Dongfeng Airport area is 1800 m with 10 aircraft stations; the runway is 1500 m long and 30 m wide; it can meet the use requirements of annual passenger throughput of 30,000 passengers, cargo throughput of 160 tons and 3,760 aircraft.