Jiangchuan District Festivals and Events

Jiangchuan has a long history of fishing.Local people also hold the special fishing festival to show the splendid fishing culture. The featured festivals of Jiangchuan also include the ethnic festival like Torch Festival of Yi people.


The Fishing Festival and Plateau Aquatic Products Fair in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi (江川开渔节/高原湖泊水产品交易会)

Jiangchuan enjoys the splendid fishing culture and unique fishing resources, with long and profound history. In this festival, thousands of boats complete in Xingyun Lake.

Torch Festival of Yi People (彝族火把节)

The Torch Festival is the grandest and most important festival of Yi people. Yi people offer sacrifice to the ancestors and nature, hold diverse performance and activities in order to pray for the favorable climate and good harvest, which represent their best wishes on life.



Tourists to Yuxi can choose an early morning or nightfall to stroll along the streets, parks, or resicential districts to watch spontaneously organized people acting the opera. Both actors and audience are intoxicated with the spirit of the festival. It is a best place to experience the simple folk custom and strong local flavor in Jiangchuan District of Yuxi.