Jingmai Transportation

How to Get to Jingmai

1. By Air

There are three airports around Jingmai, namely, Xishuangbanna Airport, Lancang Jingmai Airport and Puer Airport. Visitors can take flights to the above airports, then take long-distance buses to Lancang Bus Passenger Terminal. There are mini buses from Lancang to Jingmai, which will depart in the afternoon.

2. By Train

Pu'er Railway Station is the middle station of the Yumo Railway under construction and an important station for the Laos section of the Trans-Asian Railway. It is expected to be put into use by 2020.

3. By Long-distance Bus

In generally, there are no direct long-distance buses to Jingmai. Visitors shall arrive at Lancang Passenger Bus Terminal, then transfer to Jingmai. It is convenient to come to Jingmai from Lancang, which only needs about 3 hours.

4. By Self-driving

In fact, the best way to go to Jingmai is to drive by yourself. and the villages on the mountain are very disperse. Therefore, the road condition is not good due to the 30-kilometer long mountain road, it is out of question to drive a car.

Note: there are no gas stations in Jingmai, so please be filled with the fuel tank in Huimin Township.

How to Get Around Jingmai

1. By Hiking

For those who are hiking lovers, it is the best choice to get around Jingmai by hiking, especially, Jingmai Mountain is a good destination.

2. By Motorbike

In Jingmai, motorbike is a common transportation mode. If visitors want to go sightseeing the Jingmai Mountain and they do not want to go there by walking, motorbike is a good choice.