Jinping County Culture

Jinping County is a minority autonomous county, in which minority population is 87.4% of registered population. Miao, Yao and Dai are the main ethnic minority groups. 

1. Ethnic Groups

There are 9 ethnic groups living in Jinping County for generations. They are Miao, Yao, Dai, Hani, Yi, Han, Zhuang, Lahu and Bulang respectively.

2. Ethnic Town

Zhemi Lahu Ethnic Town者米拉祜族乡

3. Traditional Ethnic Villages

Puer Villages普洱寨 of Mengla Township in Jinping County, Honghe

Pingan Village平安村寨 of Laomeng Townin Jinping County, Honghe

Taiyangzhai Village太阳寨村 of Yingpan Township in Jinping County, Honghe

Biaoshuiyan Village标水岩村 of Maandi Township in Jinping County, Honghe

Dingqing Village顶青村 of Zhemila Lahu Ethnic Town in Jinping County, Honghe

4. Ethnic Festivals

Each ethnic group in Jinping County has its own festival. Such as, Huashan Festival of Miao people, Panwang Festival, Mulian Festival(目莲节) and Ganba Festival of Yao people, Men's Festival, Water-splashing Festival, Jingbang Festival(金邦节) and Pianmi Festival(偏米节) of Dai people, Gantuotuo Festival(干拖拖), Angmatu Festival and Kuzhazha Festival of Hani people, Torch Festival and Girl's Festival of Yi people and so on. Among so many ethnic festivals, Men’s Festival in Zhemi Lahu ethnic town is most hilarious.