Aluwoluo Festival of Achang Ethnic Minority

Chinese Name: 阿昌族阿露窝罗节
English Name: Aluwoluo Festival of Achang Ethnic Minority

Achang is a unique ethnic group with a small population in Yunnan province. It is mainly distributed in lianghe(梁河), longchuan(陇川)and luxi (潞西) counties of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous prefecture (德宏傣族景颇族自治州)in western Yunnan, and in Tengchong(腾冲)of Baoshan city(保山市)and longling counties (龙陵县) and Yunlong county(云龙县) of Dali Bai Autonomous prefecture(大理白族自治州).

Aluwoluo, a traditional festival of the Achang people, used to be held every year on the 10th day of the 9th lunar month. “Alu” and “Woluo” are two festivals based on two legends. The “Aluwoluo festival” is a combination of the “Woluo festival” popular in Lianghe(梁河), Luxi(潞西), Tengchong(腾冲), Longling (龙陵), Yunlong (云龙)and other Achang regions ,and the “Alu festival” popular in Husa( 户撒)and Lasa(腊撒) regions of Longchuan (陇川)county.

Introduction of festival

In the festival, the hospitable Achang people dressed in gorgeous costumes sang and danced with the rhythm of Xiangjiaogu(象脚鼓) and Mangluo(芒锣), accompanied by the sound of firecrackers that resounded through the whole household, danced with blue dragon and white elephant, and shared the joy of the festival with the guests from afar.

Festival activities

Aluwole activities are usually held in villages.

Select the sacred tree(选神树)

All the men, women and children in the village should choose a straight chestnut tree as a sacred tree on the mountain. After the venerable old man presided over the sacrifice, the tree could be cut down. The tree cannot be carried on one’s shoulders; instead, the tree body was tied with countless ropes. All the participants dragged it to the village,crossed the ditch and ridge,All the way, they beat gongs, drums and cheered to welcome the sacred tree into the village.

Build the altar(建祭台)

After the sacred tree arrived at the sacrificial field in the village, the sacred tree was set up,and sacrificial platform was built around the sacred tree, a big bow was hung on the tree, the sun was installed , flowers and green leaves were hung on the tree, and the sacrificial platform was painted with the patterns of Achang’s costumes. With the woodcut otter cat was raised to the throne, the sacrificial platform was set up entirely.


The Da huopao(大活袍) who has supernatural spirit (wizard) placed the five cereals and tea wine, flowers and fruits on the altar. Then he waved the eagle tail fan to chant the Sutra, preached the Creation Epic of zhepamazhemima, and praised the great kindness of human ancestors. Then the lion dance team and the elephant dance team worships the throne and salute to the ancestor.


Achang folk creation epic . It spreads in the Achang area of Lianghe County, Yunnan Province. The protagonists in the poem, Zhepama and Zhemima(遮帕麻and遮米麻), are the two pioneering gods Eulogized by Achang people.


After that, all the villagers dressed in festival costumes, holding flowers and green leaves, dipped in clear spring water, sang songs around the God seat, and danced Aluwole to express their deep gratitude to their ancestors. Subsequently, various artistic activities are carried out successively until the end of ceremony.

Other cultural activities

Festival activities can last from a few days to half a month. Nearby villages can visit each other. The lion and elephant dance teams can also go to the villages to express congratulations. The young men and women then carry on the singing activity, and use the leaves of mountain flowers dip in the water to sprinkle each other, to expresses the blessing. This period is a time for girls to fully display their beauty and wisdom, and it is also a good time for young men to pursue love and companionship. From this, many touching love stories and countless blissful marriages have been achieved.

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Translated By Zhao Lijiao/赵丽娇