Lufeng County Festivals and Events

Lufeng is a typical multi-ethnic united city with a long history and culture and thick ethnic folklore. Various ethnic minorities have created colorful festivals in Lufeng. Besides, there are many activities and entertainments in Lufeng. We provide you with a brief view of them.

Festivals in Lufeng County:

1. Saizhuang Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority (彝族赛装节)

The Festival has enjoyed a long history. Spent annually on lunar 15 January by the Yi ethnic people, it is a very important event for the Yi Ethnic Minority–especially young girls (Lipo in the Yi ethnic language) who get dressed early in the morning and throng into the fairground.

2. Torch Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority (彝族火把节)

Torch Festival falls on the 24th of the sixth lunar mouth. Several days before the festival, women and children will dye their their nails with balsam red to commemorate Madame Bojie, who searched for his dead husband in fie when Pi Luoge burnt Songming Tower during Nanzhao era and her fingers were covered with blood.

3. Huashan Festival of Miao Ethnic Minority (苗族花山节)

Huashan Festival, as its name implies, is a festival on "Huashan Mountain". The core spirit is national unity and happy gathering. In essence, it is the memory of the martyrs such as Chiyou, nostalgia for the homeland and yearning for a new life.

4. Liuyueliu (June 6th) Festival or Valentine’s Day of Yi Ethnic Mniority (彝族“六月六”彝族情人节)

The festival completely retains the customs of marriage, friendship, mate selection, sacrifice and so on, and has a profound influence on the Yi nationality area of Guangtong for a long time.

5. Sword Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority (彝族火把节大刀会)

Every year, the 24th before the June of the lunar calendar, the adult men of the Yi nationality have to sharpen their "Guandong Sword" with more than 3 feet of wooden handles, and then put on their festive costumes.

Entertainment of Lufeng County:

 After a day of journey, We find some leisure and entertainment for tourists to relieve you for a day's exhaustion.

1. Tea House

Tea houses can be seen everywhere, local people will enjoy their time in these tea houses. we pick up some for tourists, such as Qingfengge Tea House(清风阁茶楼).

2. KTV

If  tourists want to sing songs, there are some karaoke with good environment and service, such as Jintai KTV (金泰KTV).

3. Massage

Massage is a good way to comfort tired bodies, so we search some good massage houses for tourists, such as Laomiao Medicine Massage(老苗医养生堂).

4. Bar

Bars are another place to relax at night, we also search some romantic bars with cheap price, such a Memory Bar(Memory Bar).

We provide tourists more information about entertainment of Lufeng County.