Luliang County Festivals and Events

There are a great many festivals and activities in Luliang County. And there are many other entertainments in Luliang county. Here below I'd like to give you a brief view of them:


1.The Lantern Festival

In the 15th of the first month in the lunar calendar, which is a famous festival in many places in China, but in Qujing Luliang it is not the same, and the drum village, this different village, will always be lively on this day, and attracts tourists from all over the country.

2.Torch Festival

A feast based on ethnic customs for the guests, the campfire which with mystery and passion, during this festival, guests and tourists will enjoy the ethnic activities and also taste the delicious food of Yi ethnic minority.

3.The Annual International Sand Sculpture Festival

The Annual International Sand Sculpture Festival is held on March 8, and includes the International Sand Culture Research Forum; the Colorful Sand Forest Photograph Exhibition; Sand Sculpture Cup Volleyball Competition; Sand Sculpture Cup Calligraphy Competition; and Sand Sculpture Bowling Competition. This event is officially designated as one of the major occasions in the World Sand Sculpture Committee. The quality of sand is also well selected this year and the color range has been increased from choice of 6 to 12.


1.Tea house

Teahouses can be seen everywhere, and local people always kill their time in these teahouses.


KTV is the best choice for one who wants to spent a pleasant night and enjoys himself to the full.


Bars are also nice for young people. For old people, the veteran cadre activity center is a good choice to kill time.