Luoping County Climate

In addition to the southern subtropical climate in the eight river area, the Luoping County has a plateau monsoon climate. In summer, it is affected by warm and humid air currents, and it is rainy and heavy rain. In winter, it is controlled by the Kunming stationary front, and it is often rainy and rainy. The annual average rainfall is 1743.9 mm, which is one of the province's rainy areas. The annual average relative humidity is 85%, the annual average sunshine hours are 1,685 hours, the annual average temperature is 15.1 °C, and the annual average frost-free period is about 280 days. The climate in Luoping is mild, with an average temperature of 15.2 °C and a frost-free period of 280 days. The activity is high and the rainfall is abundant. The annual rainfall is 1700 mm.

Best time to visit

The climate in Luoping county is quite warm. There will be a lot of rain all year round in Luoping county. Even in the dry season, there is still a lot of rain. People can come to Luoping in Spring and Summer to enjoy the beautiful sceneries.