Luoping County Overview

1.Why begin Luoping Tour

Luoping is a national base for raising bees and producing honey products. Early every spring, the blossoming Luoping rapeseed flowers draws flocks of tourists and photographers. Sprawling farmland covered in golden rape stretches right up to the horizon, forming a sea of yellow buds and filling the air with the refreshing smell of spring. In recent years, Luoping Rapeseed Flowers Tour has been popular and enjoyed good fame.

2.Where is Luoping County

The small town of Luoping lies in the relatively underdeveloped eastern part of the province, 228km east of Kunming, neighboring Guizhou and Guangxi. Luoping is dominated by karst features with small basins among mountain ranges. 

3.Basic Information of Luoping County


• Full Name: Luoping County

• Chinese Name: 罗平县

• Keywords: Paradise for Photograph, Heaven of Rapeseed Flowers

• Location: Qujing City, Yunnan Province, China

• Area: 3025 square kilometers

• Population: 5,400,000

• Zip Code: 655800

• Dialling Code: 0874

4.Climate of Luoping County

Luoping is subtropical plateau monsoon climate, with various types of climate. Luoping County rains often in summer and has a run of wet weather in winter. The average annual rainfall arrives at 1743.9 milimeters and the average annual temperature is 15.1℃. Generally speaking, Luoping County enjoys a moderate climate.

5.Administrative Diversion of Luoping County

Seven towns, three ethnic towns and three streets are under the jurisdiction of Luoping County: Banqiao Town(板桥镇), Fule Town(富乐镇), Mazhenjie Town(马镇街), A'gang Town(阿岗镇), Luoxiong Street(罗雄街道), Lashan Street(腊山街道), and Jiulong Street(九龙街道), Laochang Town(老厂乡), Zhongshan Town(钟山乡), Dashuijin Town(大水井),Buluge Buyi Ethnic Town(鲁布革布依民族乡), Jiuwuji Yi Ethnic Town(旧屋基彝民族乡), Changdi Buyi Ethnic Town(长底布依民族乡).

6.History of Luoping County

In the Western Han Dynasty, there was a missing country, Yanglang country (now Luoping), Lijun County. It was a land of Nanning. At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, it was the general official of Nanning Prefecture. During Tang Dynasty Tianbao period it was Luo Xiong and belonged to Nanzhao Kingdom Shicheng County. In Song Dynasty, it was one of the thirty-seven parts of the Eastern Cuan and Western Man, and was a member of the Shicheng County of Dali Kingdom. In the second year of the Republic of China (1913), it was called Luoping County, which belonged to the Dianzhongdao. In February 1959, Shizong County precipitated Luxi County, and Shizong and Luoping merged into Luoping County. In 1961, Shizong County was settled and Luoping County was restored.

7.What to Visit in Luoping County

Luoping Rapeseed Flowers

Luoping Rapeseed Flowers covering an area of 250,000 mu and on February of March every years, thousands of Yellow Rapeseed Flowers are in full bloom, looking like a expanse of golden sea. There are two scenic spot to appreciate the magnificent Luoping Rapeseed Flowers, Niu Street(牛街) and Golden Cock Peak(金鸡峰丛).

Nine Dragon Waterfall

Located in 20 kilometers northeast of the downtown of Luoping County, Nine Dragon Waterfall, also known as Jiulong Waterfall, is the most famous waterfall in Jiulong River.

Duoyi River

There are approximately 40 waterfalls along the bed of Duoyi River which is about 12 kilometers long. The bamboo raft on the river, the bamboo groves, trees, houses and waterwheels on the both bandks of the  river present an idylic setting. 

8.What to wear in Luoping County

From Jan. to April of the Luoping County, the weather was a bit cold, and the temperature in about 10-16 ℃. In the morning and night, the temperature is low. The temperature difference is large, and it is best to wear fleece jacket. In addition, it is better to wear brightly colored clothing, as this will make beautiful pictures in canola flower sea.

9.Recommended Hotels in Luoping County

Budget hotels are centralized around the bus station of Luoping County, Zhenxing Street(振兴街) and Xinfeng Street(新风街). The price ranges from CNY 100 to 400 per person.

• Cloud Hotel Luoping

• Chinese Name: 罗平云之梦酒店

• Address: Luoxiong Town, Luoping County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province

• Phone Number: +86 874 822 9111

10.Transportation of Luoping County

Train and Regular Bus is available from Kunming to Luoping. It cost about 3.5 hours by train and 4.5 hours by bus. From Luoping, there are buses to Qujing, Luliang, Shizong, Kaiyuan and Kunming. Travelers heading to Yuanyang from Luoping usually get transferred in Kaiyuan (South Bus Station). The latest daily bus back to Kunming is at 9 pm.