Mengla County Shopping

Mengla Shopping includes all kinds of tropical fruits, spices and herbs, as well as ethnic handicrafts such as ethnic brocade, gold and silver jewelry, black pottery, bamboo weaving, wood carving and so on. 

What to Buy in Mengla County?

1. Yi Wu Tea易武正山

The Yiwu tea growing area is located in the Yiwu Township of Mengla County. By the end of the Qing dynasty, large numbers of Han merchants arrived in Yiwu and began growing tea. They founded businesses to engage in the tea trade, establishing a collection point among the six famous tea mountains. 

2.Huayao Dai Embroidery花腰傣刺绣

Embroidery works are regarded as “CV” of Huayao Yi females. For generations, they have embroidered beautiful patterns on clothes, which tell stories of their ancestors. For Huayao Dai ladies, embroidering has become a way to pursue beauty, a way to perfect themselves and also a way to express what they most likely think romantic. 

3. Monba Wooden Bowl门巴木碗

Wooden bowls have been Monba People's pride for a long time. These wooden dishes are not only suitable holding food but are also delicate artworks, making ideal gifts for visitors. Menba wooden bowels are made of strong but light woods, good in tung-tree, mulberry or birch, unchangeable, durable and longtime last of the luster. The high quality wooden bowls is produced in five or six production processing before put on bright edible dyeing.

4. Dai Brocade

Dai Brocade is an ancient traditional textile handicraft popular among Dai people in the south of Yunnan where Dai ladies are excellent at weaving it. It is famous for its exquisite weaving, elegant pattern, bright color, beautiful presentation, durability and strong ethnic styles. It features gorgeous colors and patterns, with rare animals, flowers and landscapes as designs.


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