Menglian County Festivals and Events

At the end of 2013, Menglian Dai, Lahu, Wa Autonomous County was home to 21 ethnic groups, including Dai, Lahu, Wa .In the same time, the festivals and activities in Menglian County are diverse.

1.Dai Water-Sprinkling Festival(傣族泼水节)

The Dai Water-Sprinkling Festival is a New Year's Day for the Dai, and the proverb is called "Jinbimai", which is held every year in the first month of the Dai calendar (mid-April of the Gregorian calendar).

2.Hulu Festival(葫芦节)

The Hulu Festival is a grand festival of the Lahu people. On the 15th October of the lunar calendar every year, the Lahu people dress in festive costumes, singing and dancing, with their own wine and glutinous rice dumplings, killing pigs and slaughtering chickens, concentrate in the villages.

3. Wa New Rice Festival (佤族新米节)

The Lunar New Year is August 15th. During the festival, some activities will be held, such as Welcoming crop, eating new rice, bullfighting, singing and dancing performances.

4. China Menglian Nayun Shenyu Festival (中国孟连娜允神鱼节)

Every year from April 9 to 13, passionate people catch fish and hold carnival activities. People can experiencethe Menglian long culture of Tusi (system of appointing national minorityhereditary headmen), elegant Xuanfu ancient music dance, diverse ethnic customs, wonderful folk activities, original ecological folk dance, and tempting traditional cuisine..