New Rice Festival of Wa Ethnic Minority

Chinese Name:佤族新米节
English Name: New Rice Festival of Wa Ethnic Minority
“New Rice” Festival is one of the traditions prevailing among Wa ethnic minority. In the past, it was observed when the rice was ready for harvest and would last three days. During the festival, owners would collect some rice from farmlands, dry and then husk them. Next early morning, the doors of the house would be closed, rejecting visitors and animals, and all the families would stay at home enjoying the new-harvested rice. After the family finished, they would open the doors and invite neighbors to enjoy the rice.

In 1992, the local government of Menglian Dai and Lau Autonomous County determined the festival as a mandatory holiday for the Wa and Lahu minorities, and the date has been confirmed during lunar 13-15 August.