Midu County Festivals and Events

Midu County has many difference traditional festivals and various recreational activities, which can add more plesure in to your travel.

‣ Visiting Three Spirits

Visiting Three Spirits is a grand big festival held by Bai people to pray for rain and luck and worship their patron god. 

‣ Third Month Fair(March Fair)

The Third Month, dated back to the Tang Dynasty, falls from the 15th to 21st of the third lunar month. It was developed from a temple fair of Goddess of Mercy to commercial market.

‣ Qingguniang Festival

It is the 15th day of the first lunar month. Qingqing Festival is a commemorative song and dance festival for Bai women.

If you want to spend your leisure time in Midu County,don’t worry, you can find the the bars and clubs easily in Nanjain County. Maybe you are not interesting in bar and clubs and do not want to watch performance,you can also go to tea house.That is a good choice.

Here are some good places we provide for your reference.

Jianianhua KTV(嘉年华KTV)


AddressAroundJianning Road,Midu County,Dali

Hebian KTV(河边KTV)


Address:uaxing Shopping Hall,Around Xihua Road,Midu County,Dali

Xianyunju Tea House(闲云居茶楼)

AddressNo.33,Jianning Road,Midu County,Dali

Wozaimidu Bar(我在弥渡酒吧)

AddressHuaxing Shopping Hall,Around Xihua Road,Midu County,Dali

 Liuqing Tea Bar(柳青茶舍)

AddressNo.148,Jianning Road,Midu County,Dal