Ninglang County Administrative Divisions

At the end of 2011, there were 7 communities and 84 villages under the jurisdiction of Ninglang County, including 1 town, 13 townships, and 1 ethnic township. The seat of government sits in Daxing Town.

1 town: Daxing Town(大兴镇)

13 townships: Labo Township(拉伯乡), Yongning Township(永宁乡), Hongqiao Township(红桥乡), Ningli Township(宁利乡), Jinmian Township(金棉乡), Xichuan Township(西川乡), Zhanhe Township(战河乡), Xibuhe Township(西布河乡), Yongningping Township(永宁坪乡), Paomaping Township(跑马坪乡), Chanzhanhe Township(蝉战河乡), Xinyingpan Township(新营盘乡), and Lanniqing Township(烂泥箐乡)

1 Ethnic Township: Cuiyu Lisu and Pumi Autonomous Township(翠玉傈僳族普米族自治乡)