Ninglang County Culture

1.Ethnic Group

Ninglang is a multi-ethnic inland county located in mountainous areas, inhabited by 12 ethnic groups, including Yi, Han, Mosuo, Pumi, Lisu, Naxi, Tibet, Bai, Zhuang, Dai, Miao and Hui. At the end of 2011, Yi people dominated the population of Ninglang county.

2. Ethnic Village

● Luoshui Village(落水村), Yongning Township, Ninglang County, Lijiang

● Walabie Village(瓦拉别村), Wenquan Village Committee, Yongning Township, Ninglang County, Lijiang

● Youmi Village(有米村), Jiaze Village Committee, Labo Township, Ninglang County, Lijiang

3.Ethnic Culture

As a Multi-ethnic area, Ninglang County has its own characteristics, which is embodied in festival, sacrificing, clothing, food, marriage, etc. Among them,  “Women’s World” of Mosuo people is most notable. For more detailed information, browse the list below.

4. Ethnic Festivals

The ethnic festivals in Ninglang County is diverse, such as the Torch Festival, Yi New Year Festival, Zhuanshan Festival, Ancestor Worship, Ohwa Festival, Taste of the New Festival. etc. Each ethnic group has their own festivals after all.