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Nujiang Dining provide you with the information about what and where to eat in Nujiang. With the diverse ethnic groups, Nujiang enjoys the colorful food culture. Here are some recommended local food for travelers. You should try some of them during Yunnan travel.

What to Eat in Nujiang

The rich minority culture has formed a diversified diet culture in Nujiang prefecture. The long history has left many special dishes here, such as Meat Wine and Egg Wine, Pickled Bamboo Shoot and Stone Baked Cake, etc. Although they are not comparable with the famous dishes in other places, they are also delicious dishes with different tastes.

Famous Food and Drinks in Nujiang

Roast Piglet (烤乳猪)

Roast piglet is made through roasting a baby pig on the fire. It looks reddish and tastes crunchy on the skin yet very tender inside. It is a popular delicacy to Lisu people for treating guests.

Pipa Pork (琵琶肉)

A favorite food of the Pumi people is 'pipa meat' - salted pork wrapped in pork skin in the shape of a pipa (lute). A method of using traditional Tibetan bacon produced meat. It is shaped like a lute, so called "pipa  meat". Pipa meat can be stored for a long time. It can be boiled and stewed for dishes.

Pickled Bamboo Shoot(酸笋片)

Pickled Bamboo Shoot is made of a kind of green tender bamboo shoot growing in the mountain. The way of preparing the food: at the beginning of summer, dig out the shoot, peel the outside husk and cut it into slice and then dry it in the sun. Before eating, dip the dried vegetable in hot water to fry meat or make soup, which taste fresh and smooth. To make pickled bamboo shoot, you need fritter the fresh bamboo shoot and pound until the bamboo shoot becomes soft. Pickled bamboo root is a perfect summer soup.

Shaguoyu /Casserole Fish(白族砂锅鱼)

Casserole Fish or Shaguoyu is a famous local dish of Bai ethnic group. Put chicken and more than ten seasonings like dried mushrooms into the pot, then add carp into the pot, stew them on soft fire. The dish is enough for three to four people. It is really delicious.

Stone Baked Cake 石板粑粑

Stone baked cake is a kind of ancient food for Dulong and Nu ethnic groups in Gongshan County. It is very strange that they are not cooked in an iron pan but in a stone pan. It tastes special and full of nutrition.

Xiala, Gongla (Meat Wine and Egg Wine) 侠辣,巩辣

As the rare delicacy of Nu nationality, it is made of liquor. ‘Xia’ means meat; ‘Gong’ means eggs; and ‘La’ means liquor in the Nu language. Meat wine and egg wine is well brewed wine, fresh with faint scent. It is a kind of dietetic foods, which has good curative effect on building up vital energy and nourishes the blood. So it is a favorite nourishing food to the Nu ethnic minority.

Bamboo Wine 竹节酒, 竹筒酒

Bamboo wine is a traditional drink among Dulong ethnic minority, no matter young or old, women or men. It is also a kind of wine drunk at a wedding feast or some important days.

Chujiu (Vinegar Wine) 醋酒

This kind of wine contains 17% to 18% of alcohol, tasting with faint scent and full of nutrition. It can refresh and stimulate appetite, so it is an important beverage for the local Lisu ethnic minority. Recently, the local people give the vinegar beer a funny name, Canyon Beer. 

Sulima Wine 苏里玛酒

Mellow, and with the alcohol percentage of about 15%, the Sulima Wine is the most inseparable drink of the Pumi ethnic minority. This kind of wine is normally brewed from cereals such as wheat, (highland) barley, and corn etc. Sometimes only a single kind of cereal is used for brewing, and sometimes several kinds. The taste of Sulima wine depends on what is brewed from. For hundreds of years, the Sulima wine has been a top-grade drink of Pumi people. People drink it to quench thirst when farming; it's also served at festivals, celebrations and obsequies; and it can even be used as enhancement for doctor's prescriptions. In 1988, at the first anniversary of Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous County, the Sulima Wine was determined as "the County Wine of Lanping".

Other Local Delicacies in Nujiang

Chicken Stewed With Sumac Seed Oil (漆蜡炖鸡仔) Chicken Stewed With Angelica (当归炖鸡) Stewed Pork Feet with Gastrodia Elata (天麻炖猪脚)
Hand -Grasping Rice (手抓饭) Dulong Beef Feast (独龙牛宴) Stewed Crucian with Papaya (木瓜炖鲫鱼)
Fried Squirrel (油炸飞鼠) Baked Chicken (傈僳火烧鸡) Chicken Porridge (鸡肉烂饭)

Where to Eat in Nujiang

The above dishes are favored by local people, these liquor and food are common in Nujiang. They can be found in many restaurants and markets.

Recommended Restaurants in Nujiang

  • Nusu Huoshaoji Restaurant(怒苏火烧鸡)
    Address: Qingshan Jiang'an Community, Lushui City 泸水市青山江岸小区
    Open Hour: 9:00 -23:00
  • Yuejinqiao Shaoji Restaurant (跃进桥烧鸡店)
    Address: 1 kilometer southern of Yujinqiao Bridge, Lushui City 泸水市跃进桥向南1公里
    Tel: /
  • Xianxiang Wild Mushroom Hotpot Restaurant(鲜香野生菌火锅)
    Address: No.41-3, Bijiang Road, Jinding Town 金顶镇沘江路41-3
    Tel: 0886-3212892
  • Yingli Shouzhuafan Restaurant(盈黎手抓饭)
    Address: No.8, Yingwu Road, Lushui City 泸水市鹦鹉路8号
    Tel: 0886-3862555
  • Tutu Copper Hotpot Restaurant(土土铜锅庄)
    Address: Right Side of Laimao River Ecological Garden in Liuku Town六库镇赖茂河生态园右侧
    Tel: 0886-3887766 
  • Sanjiangyuan Restaurant(三江源饭店)
    Address: No.61, Bingzhongluo Street, Gongshan County 贡山县丙中洛街61号
    Tel: /
  • Dulong Niu Restaurant(独龙牛)
    Address: Dananmao Village, Liuku Town of Lushui City 泸水县六库镇大南茂村
    Tel: 0886-3631599
  • Lisuyuan Restaurant(傈僳园)
    Address: No.14, South Road, Shangpa Street, Fugong County 福贡县上帕街南路14号

Muslim Restaurants in Nujiang

  • Yongping Braised Chicken (永平黄焖鸡)
    Address:  No.17, Bingzhongluo Street, Gongshan County贡山县丙中洛街17号
    Tel: 18808844099
  • Halal Beef Restaurant (清真牛肉馆)
    Address:No. 222, Cikai Road,  Gongshan County 贡山县次开路222号
  • Baoshan Halal Beef Restaurant (保山清真火瓢牛肉)
    Address: No. 41-4  Bijiang Road, Lanping County 兰坪县沘江路41-4
  • Jiangwei Hui Restaurant (江尾回族食店)
    Address: No. 138-3, Cangjiang Road, Lanping County 兰坪县沧江路138-3号
  • Maji Halal Beef  Restaurant (马记清真牛肉食馆)
    Address: No. 58, Renmin Road, Lushui City 泸水县人民路58号
  • Jiaquan Hui Restaurant (家全回族食店)
    Address: No. 32, Xinwen Road, Lushui City 泸水县新闻路32号
  • Huiweiyuan Muslim Restaurant (清真回味园)
    Address: No.54, Shangpa Street, Fugong County 福贡县上帕街54号

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