Pingbian County Attractions

Pingbian County is a Miao Autonomous County under the administration of Honghe prefecture, the most famous attraction here is Daweishan Mountain. The natural landscapes, magnificent folk custom and cultural landscapes of Daweishan Mountain Virgin Forest provide advantaged conditions for the development of Pingbian tourism. The reserve type is science reserve and natural resource reserve, which mainly protects the natural landscape of evergreen broad-leaved forest in tropical mountains and its rare species of animals and plants. Main attractions in Pingbian County include Daweishan Mountain Virgin Forest, Pingbian Martyrs Cemetery, Shuichongzi Martyrs Cemetery, Dalongshu Martyrs Cemetery, Xinxian Sleeping Buddha, Miao Folklore Garden, tropical fruit garden and so on. Pingbian Miao costumes are colorful and exquisite. With beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, it is an ideal place for tourism. Besides, there are many traditional ethnic villages where tourists can explore the local ethnic culture.