Qilin District Tours Packages

Qilin tour will take you to visit Qujing city downtown. There are 2 traditional ethnic villages, which are Dacun Village of Yuezhou Town and Qingkou Village of Zhujie Subdistrict. There are some attactions for people to visit, which are Qujing Cultural and Sports Park, Cuifeng Mountain, The Source of Pearl River Square, Liaokuo Mountain Forest Park, Miaoshan Mountain Forest Park, Cuifeng Ancient Temple, Baishajiang River and Qilin Park. People can go to Qilin district to know about the culture of Cuan. Qilin district is a good place to have a red culture tour, and people can go to Qujing Mausoleum of Red Army Martyrs, Baishijiang Ancient Battlefield, Liaohu and Baitangpo Revolutionary Martyrs, Dongshan Revolutionary Martyrs, Sanyuangong Memorial Hall of The Red Army’s Long March and Shicheng Association Tablet to visit. Batatai Ancient Tombs is also a good place to know about the history of Qilin district.


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