Shidian County Administrative Divisions

As of 2016, Shidian county has jurisdiction over 5 towns, 8 townships and 137 communities, 1627 groups of villagers. Government seat sits in Dianyang town. Below are the details of Towns & Townships of Shidian County.

5 Towns: Dianyang Town(甸阳镇), Taiping Town(太平镇), Youwang Town(由旺镇), Renhe Town(仁和镇), Yaoguan Town(姚关镇)

8 Townships: Shuichang Township(水长乡), Laomai Township(老麦乡). Heyuan Township(何元乡), Wanxing Township(万兴乡), Jiufang Township(酒房乡), Jiucheng Township(旧城乡), Mulaoyuan Blang and Yi Ethnic Township(木老元布朗族彝族乡), Bailang Yi and Blang Ethnic Township(摆榔彝族布朗族乡)