Shidian County Culture

Shidian has been known as "Shi Dian" for a long time, and many cultures are shining brightly on this hot land such as ethnic culture. These intoxicating ethnic cultures have created rich and colorful content of people's daily life.

1.Ethnic Groups in Shidian

By the end of 2015, there were 26 ethnic minorities in Shidian county, and the population of ethnic minorities was 28,981, accounting for 8.41% of the total population. It is the important settlement of Blang Ethnic Monority. Others are Hui, Dai, Bai, Yi, Lisu, Wa. 

2. Ethnic Townships in Shidian

• Mulaoyuan Blang and Yi Ethnic Township(木老元布朗族彝族乡), Shidian County, Baoshan

• Bailang Yi and Blang Ethnic Township(摆榔彝族布朗族乡), Shidian County, Baoshan

3. Traditional Ethnic Villages in Shidian

• Shanyi Village(山邑村), Yaoguan Town, Shidian County, Baoshan

• Heshangtian Village(和尚田村), Jiucheng Township, Shidian County, Baoshan

• Mulang Village(木榔村), Youwang Town, Shidian  County, Baoshan

• Yinchuan Village(银川村), Youwang Town, Shidian  County, Baoshan

• Xishan Village(西山村), Dianyang Town, Shidian  County, Baoshan

• Dawuyi Village(大乌邑村), Yaoguan Town, Shidian  County, Baoshan

• Baochang Village(保场村), Renhe Town, Shidian  County, Baoshan

• Reshuitang Village(热水塘), Renhe Town, Shidian  County, Baoshan

• Xiaozhongshan Village(小中山村), Jiucheng Township, Shidian  County, Baoshan

• Dapingzi Village(大坪子村), Jiucheng Township, Shidian  County, Baoshan

• Hazhai Village(哈寨村), Mulaoyuan Township, Shidian  County, Baoshan

• Xiamulaoyuan Village(下木老元村), Mulaoyuan Township, Shidian  County, Baoshan

4. Ethnic Festivals in Shidian

In this area we do have some notable events and festivals you should be aware of, including Dragon Boat Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, Torch Festival, Water-splashing Festival, etc.