Shiping Tofu with Cordate Houttuynia

In Yunnan, when it comes to tofu, one would think of Honghe Prefecture, where tofu is been made and which has a name of the “hometown of bean curd”. With a history of more than 400 years of bean curd production, Shiping County has been known as the base for premium quality tofu. Moreover, in 2017, Shiping tofu has been listed as one of the provincial intangible cultural heritages of Yunnan.

The secret of Shiping tofu production lies within the beans and well water. Being fried, steamed, roasted or simply cooked with other vegetables make Shiping tofu such a pivotal ingredient in Honghe and Yunnan as a whole. With its crispy layer and tender texture inside, it will whet one’s appetite immediately. But Yunnan people never stop adding new ingredients into existing meals. Take Shiping tofu with cordate houttuynia for example. Deep fried Shiping tofu has its unique taste, while adding some chopped cordate houttuynia, coriander and spoonful of broad bean paste, which make them “blend” from inside out. Yunnan people believe that every ingredient has its “character”, such as being cold (yin) or being hot (yang). Therefore, a balanced meal should contain the above -mentioned ingredients. Cordate houttuynia is widely used in Yunnan. This fishy-smelly herbal plant helps weight management, detoxification and neutralize poisonous substances. Therefore, deep fired Shiping tofu with cordate houttuynia make a tasty, yet healthy meal.


  • Recommended restaurant for this meal: Nanzhao Xiangju (南昭香居)
  • Address: F1, Provincial Library, Qianju Street, South Cuihu Road, Wuhua District, Kunming
  • Address in Chinese: 昆明市昆明五华区翠湖南路钱局街省图书馆1楼
  • Tell: 0871-65332212