How to Get to Tacheng Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Park from Shangri-La city

Tacheng Black Snub-nosed Monkey National Park is located in Tacheng Town of Weixi County, Diqing Prefecture. Tacheng is 62 kilometers away from Weixi county, 120 kilometers away from the prefecture capital Shangri-la city, and more than 600 kilometers away from Kunming the provincial capital. The national park is located in the heart of the “three-river parallel flow” area, with an area of 334.16 square kilometers.

How to Get to Tacheng Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Park from Shangri-La?

By Bus

Tacheng Town is nearly 120 kilometers away from Shangri-La, and there is just one direct long-distance bus from Shangri-La to Tacheng Town and it runs at 9:30 am. You can take a bus from Shangri-La Bus Station(香格里拉客运站) to Weixi County and get off the long-distance bus at the stop in Tacheng Town. The bus runs every one hour from 8:00 to 12:00 for the fee of 46 yuan. 

Shangri-La Bus Station(香格里拉客运站)
Address: Zhongxiang Road, Shangri-La City
Telephone: 0887-8223501

By Chartered Car

Renting a car is suitable for a flexible and comfortable way. It is better for you to rent a car with an experienced driver and a tour guide if you are foreign travelers. The driver of chartering car can stop for you to enjoy the scenery and take photos. Yunnan Exploration Travel can provide car-rental service, please contact us. Email: Tel: +86-871-63511469.

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