Weixi County Overview

‣ Where is Weixi County

Weixi County is located in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province, between 98°54′~99°34′ east longitude and 26°53′~28°02′ north latitude. The county is located in the hinterland of the “Three Parallel Rivers” of the World Natural Heritage. 

‣ Basic Information of Weixi County

● Chinese Name: 维西傈僳族自治县

● Key Words:  Buddhist holy place, Lisu Minority

● Area: 4,661 square kilometers

● Population: 154,127

● Zip code: 674600

‣ Climate of Weixi County

Weixi Lisu Autonomous County is located in the low latitude plateau, which belongs to the subtropical and temperate monsoon plateau mountain climate. It is characterized by: long winter without summer, spring first, then autumn. The biggest differences include cold and warm, dry and wet, and large and small rainy season. 

‣ Administrative Division of Weixi County

There are 3 towns and 7 townships under the administration of Weixi Lisu Autonomous County,respectively, Baohe Town (保和镇), Yezhi Town (叶枝镇), Tacheng Town (塔城镇), Yongchun Township (永春乡), Pantiange Township (攀天阁乡), Baijixun Township (白济讯乡), Kangpu Township (康普乡), Badi Township (巴迪乡), Zhonglu Township (中路乡), Weiden township (维登乡).

‣ Weixi County Attractions

1. Three Parallel Rivers Natural Reserve (三江并流自然保护区)

2. Buddha Damo Cave (达摩祖师洞)

3. Little Weixi Catholic Church (小维西天主教堂)

4. Yezhi Tusi Government Office (叶枝土司衙署)

‣ What to Eat in Weixi County

1. Clear Soup Fish (清汤鱼)

The clear soup fish is also called "live fish in flowing water ", you should use the local good water to cook fresh live fish.

2. Weixi Sweet Tea (维西甜茶)

First use black tea to extract juice, then add milk and sugar, it becomes sweet and delicious, nutritious. The sweet tea practice in the Yadong County is particularly particular about it, and it has a distinctive flavour.

3. Weixi Tofu (维西豆腐)

Tofu is the best in Diqing Weiweixi tofu. Because of its good water quality and traditional production methods, the tofu is white and tender, and has a good taste. It is very popular among consumers.

‣ Weixi County Transportation

Compared with other places, the transportation of Weixi County is not very convenient. However, it is easy for you to go anywhere you want. There are several transportation means that you can choose. The long-distance bus is the common transportation means.

‣ Recommended Hotels in Weixi County

There are some hotels, which enjoy high reputation, such as  Jiaxin Hotel (佳鑫酒店), Deluke International Hotel (德鲁克国际大酒店), Weixi Jinyu Hotel (维西金玉大酒店), Grand Hyatt Weixi Hotel (维西君悦大酒店), which are equipped the best facilities and service.

‣ Festivals in Weixi County

As the main minority inhabited in Weixi County, Lisu people created brilliant culture and customs, among which the unique traditional festivals of  Lisu Group enjoy good fame and attract tourists home and abroad to visit. The main festivals are as follows:

1. Kuoshi (阔什)

2. Sword Ladder Climbing Festival (刀杆节)

3. Shouhuo (Harvest) Festival (收获节)

4. Thanksgiving Day (感恩节)


The history of Weixi County has been recorded since the Tang Dynasty, and changes have taken place for various places. The current towns and villages were officially formed in 2001. On July 23, 2002, the Yunnan Provincial Government approved Tacheng Township to change as Tacheng Town, and Yezhi Township as Yezhi Town.


In Weixi County, it is abundant for its ethnic culture. There are 20 ethnic groups in Weixi County. Various ethnic cultures constitute a colorful picture.