Culture of Tacheng Town in Weixi County, Diqing

Weixi County town tower within a kind of popular Tibetan ancient folk art – Reba, its historic heritage, spread a vast, ancient style and its unique artistic style and unique Tibetan areas in the country. Tower town called as “La P”, then the Tibetan word for “God river.” So some are called “kamikawa Reba.”

“Kamikawa Reba” this ancient art, unlike other singing folk songs and dances that you can always jump, it aims for the performance of worship to pray, to use a period of time before the show to prepare all aspects of work, show dates must also choose fixed, before the curtain and some Fiesta, which formed the traditional set of performance practices.

Folding produce

“Kamikawa Reba” comes in many folk legends, but the main content for Tibetan Buddhism in the story. A legend: “when the ancient gods built temples destroyed during the night by demons, after a very long period of construction has not completed, the last please the gods created a hot bar, requirements handsome, beautiful night, several people jumped through the night on the site to stop the destruction of ghosts, and finally built a temple “Legend II:.” was created by Bodhidharma phase division, and in the 11th century with the introduction of Buddhism and Tibetan incoming “and Reba also as a folk ritual. , worship, praying dance has spread. Reba as a traditional ritual dance, evolved from the beginning of the primitive tribes worship ritual folk performing arts today, after two thousand years of long years of history, in performing all aspects of change. For these claims but no words to test.

Folding Features

Tibetan nationwide spread of the three types of thermal bar in “a living wandering entertainer Reba and to perform for the media business of Reba” two types, there are obvious commercial sex, especially homeless people performing arts, Reba will continue to spread this ancient folk art Chen a new, dramatically changed its original appearance. The only “no flow”, not in exchange for payment of the characteristics of Tacheng “kamikawa Reba,” still retains the original ancient style, people can see the many primitive religious worship ritual traces, which is its precious place. In between sessions Reba dance performances, perhaps to rest, perhaps in order to increase the festive atmosphere. Added to jump red deer, playing a crane, or phoenix and peacock dance called “laws we,” the comedy sketch show.

Folding dance

Before performing selected venues and auspicious, in the fifteenth day, the first day in February or April of eight Mt section, select multiple farming after spring planting harvest, dog, pig, rat, horse, sheep and other days, show the number of people In each of 20 or more men and women, a small village of about 12 people each company can. In the selected venue when performing bonfire lit, pre-performance ritual held wish for good weather, bumper harvest, livestock thrive, tea presented to the gods of heaven and earth, spill, Hada, Reba performances only at night, from dusk until the next day early in the morning. The first field to please all the gods, bowed down to them toast. The last game is away gods, bowed still toast.

Kamikawa Reba dance moves, which is characterized by dance, dance of transformation is mainly reflected in the male dancers who, female dancers did not own special moves, they all follow the male dancers perform dance movements and transform the main basic movements lift legs pedaling, jumping, Scattered, twist, bend, squat, hips, waving, walk away and so on, beat an action shot from the 2 to 8 shooting range.

Tacheng “kamikawa Reba” is a kind of drumming as accompaniment, the song, dance, monologue and so a combination of large-scale collective dance. Tacheng Reba spread within the long history and unique style, is orthodox classical Reba, Tibetan areas in the country is unique.