Ximeng County Festivals and Events

 As of 2015, there are 24 ethnic groups, including Han, Wa, Lahu, Dai, Yi, Hani. Of course, the festivals and activities  in Ximeng County are diverse

 1. Fofang New Rice Festival(佛房新米节)

The Fofang New Rice Festival is the 15th day of the lunar calendar every year. Before this day, every household in each village will eat new rice and keep a bowl of new rice. After collection of the headman, and send to Ximeng Fofang.

2. Sacrifice to the Dashima (祭祀大石马)

On March 15th every year, Lahu people, men, women and children dress in costumes, knocking on drums, offering sacrifices, and blowing reeds to the Dabamato worship the Dashima.

3. FofangSeal Festival (佛房开印节)

Every year, the 15th of the twelfth lunar month is the Fofang Seal Festival. The seal of Buddha is usually as enshrinement of Buddha, and no one can see it. On the day of the Fofang Seal Festival, the Buddha takes out the Great Seal and places it on the platform for everyone to see. The Buddha, the believers, and the various ethnic groups who participated in the festival will celebrate the festival with singing and dancing and rest for a day.

4. Danfo Festival(赕佛节)

The ninth day of the first month is the Danfo Festival. On this day, the villagers come to the Ximeng Fofang for Danfo from all directions, and all the people who come here must bring a gift as a offering to worship the Buddha.

5. Hulu Festival(葫芦节)

The Hulu Festival is a grand festival of the Lahu people. On the 15thOctober of the lunar calendar every year, the Lahu people dress in festive costumes, singing and dancing, with their own wine and glutinous rice dumplings, killing pigs and slaughtering chickens, concentrate in the villages.

6. Wooden Drum Festival of Wa Ethnic Minority in Ximeng County, Puer

The calendar "Geruiyue" (equivalent to the December of the Gregorian calendar) is the time to hold the whole wooden drum movement. People in the villages will celebrate the festival together.

7. Wild Fruit and Vegetable Festival in Ximeng County, Puer

At the Wild Fruit Festival, people can taste the local wild fruits, wild vegetables and specialties and enjoy the beauty of sceneries.