Xinping County Administrative Divisions

The jurisdiction of Xinping County is over 2 subdistricts, and 10 towns.
GuishanSubdistrict(桂山街道 ), Gucheng Subdistrict(古城街道), Yangwu Town(扬武镇), Mosha Town(漠沙镇), Gasa Town(戛洒镇), Shuitang(水塘镇), Pingding Town(平甸乡), Xinhua Town(新化乡), Jianxing Town(建兴乡) , Laochang Town (老厂乡), Zhelong Town (者竜乡), Pingzhang Town(平掌乡).

Ethnic town

There is 1 ethnic town, Gasa Town in Xinping County, Yuxi(新平县戛洒镇).

Traditional Ethnic Villages

There are 4 traditional ethnic villages, which are the Dapingzhang Village of Gasa Town in Xinping County, Yuxi(玉溪市新平县戛洒镇大平掌小组村),Nanhao Village of Mosha Town in Xinping County, Yuxi(玉溪市新平县漠沙镇曼线村南薅小组), Dabinglangyuan Village in Xinping County, Yuxi(新平县大槟榔园村) and Damuyu Huayaodai Ethnic Culture Village in Xinping County, Yuxi(新平县漠沙镇大沐浴花腰傣文化生态旅游村).