Yanshan County Travel Tips

1.Where to Stay

  • Yuxiang Garden Hotel of Yanshan County 砚山御翔花园酒店
  • Shangde Liangting Hotel of Yanshan County砚山尚德良庭酒店
  • Longhuyuan Hotel of Yanshan County 砚山龙湖元酒店
  • Yilin Hotel of Yanshan County 砚山亿林酒店  


2.What to Visit

  • Luduke Catholic Church in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山县鲁都克天主教堂  
  • Jiayi Martyrs Cemetery in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山县稼依烈士宫
  • Yuxianhu Lake in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山县浴仙湖
  • Tinghu Lake in Yanshan County, Wenshan  砚山县听湖
  • The Site of Ameng Meeting in Yanshan County, Wenshan  砚山县阿猛会议
  • Tianxin Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山平远田心清真寺
  • Maoli Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山茂力清真寺
  • Sanjiacun Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山三家村清真寺  
  • Chongsheng Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山崇圣清真寺
  • Xiaoshiqiao Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山小石桥清真寺  
  • Songmaopo Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山松毛坡清真寺
  • Maodichong Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山茂地冲清真寺



  • Sanyuesan Festival of Zhuang Ethnic Minority 壮族三月三
  •  Eid al-Adha Festiva 回族古尔邦节 
  • Panwang Festival of Yao People 瑶族盘王节
  • Hualian Festival of Yi People 彝族花脸节


4.Useful Number


Consumer Complaint: 12315

Tourist Complaint: 0883-64608315

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 

Weather Forecast: 121

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120


5.Best Time to Visit

Yanshan is a city for tour available all year around, however the best time to go there is from March to October. Because there are many festivals of ethnic minority group, and plenty of fruits and flowers during these months.


6.Dressing Tips

Temperature differs day and night, especially in spring and winter. Therefore, if you go to Yanshan during these two seasons, please take some warm clothes.


7.Hospital and Post Office


People's Hospital of Yanshan County 砚山县人民医院

Address: Yankang Road, Yanshan County, Wenshan Prefecture

Tel: 0876-3122309

Concorde Hospital of Yanshan County  砚山县协和医院

Address: No.34 Jiahe Road, Yanshan County, Wenshan Prefecture

Tel: 0876-3120988

Post Office:

Post Office of Yanshan

Address :No,50 on Yanhua road of Yanshan county,Wenshan.砚山县砚华路50号

 Tel : 0876-3127766


8.Money Exchange

You can use your credit card, traveler's check or cash to exchange for Chinese Yuan in some branches of Bank of China in this city.

1.Yanshan Branch of  Agricultural Bank of China 中国农业银行砚山支行

Address:No,38 on Yanhua middle Road in Yanshan county, Wenshan

Tel : 0876-3122741

2.Yanshan Branch of Construction Bank of China 中国建设银行砚山支行

Address: No.4 Jianshe Road, Jiangna Town, Yanshan county, Wenshan

Tel: 0876-3122031


9.Other Information

Internet Bars: You can ask the native where to find an Internet bar, there are many Internet bars in Yanshan center with good speed and environment charging 2 to 3 yuan per hour.

Tip: do take care of your personal articles when in an Internet bar.

Toilet Facilities: Most toilets in the city charge no more than 0.5 yuan. Visitors can find free sanitary toilets in some large department stores or fast food restaurants.

Book Stores:

Xinhua Book Store

Address: No,1 on Shuyuan street in Jiangna town.江那镇书院街1号

Tel :0876-6624757


While public phones are easily found in small shops along streets in the city, we suggest visitors make low-cost IDD or DDD calls in post offices or telecom buildings.


10.Safety Precautions

1.Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa.

2.Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather.

3.Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts.