Yongde County Festivals and Events

22 ethnic groups inhabit on this land. Among the 22 ethnic groups living in Yongde county, Bulang, Wa and Deang are indigenous people. Through the long-term integration of various ethnic groups, the ethnic characteristics have both similarities and differences. Some festivals with ethnic characteristics have been preserved.

Bath Festival of Limi/Sangzhaoli(彝族俐侎人的洗澡节/桑沼哩)

"Sangzhaoli" in Limi Language means hot water comes out at the foot of mulberry, everybody meets for a bath. 

Limi people celebrate the Bath festival/Sangzhaoli through the whole second lunar month, during which they can date, take a bath, hang out, hunt or catch fish and shrimp to celebrate the festival. But the biggest day is on the 15th day of the second lunar month. It is also known as "Valentine’s day" or "Oriental Valentine’s day".

Pilgrimage to Fairy root(仙根朝圣)

Fairy root is commonly known as Earth Buddha(土佛).  Every year, on the 15th day of the first lunar month and the 15th day of the third lunar month, all ethnic groups in Yongde county and tourists from other places make a pilgrimage to the Fairy Root scenic spot to pray for peace.

Mango Festival(芒果节)

"The Hometown of Mango" Cultural tourism Festival, Mango Festival for short, is one of the most important events annually in Yongde county. Every July, when the Mango is ripe, the festival is not far away. In July 1998, Yongde county held the first Yongde Mango Festival, until today "Mango Festival" has become the gold name card of Yongde county, and this distinctive joy note(欢乐音符) of Mango Festival has become the best memory in people’s mind.

Other festivals:

1. Water-splashing Festival(the festival of Dai, Wa and Bulang, the 10th day after Tomb-sweeping Festival)

2. Door-closing Festival(the festival of Wa, June 15 of lunar calendar) and Door-opening Festival(the festival of Wa, September 15 of lunar calendar).

3. The First Harvest of the Year(吃新节, the festival of Bulang, the middle of lunar August)