Yongde County Overview

Basic Information
Chinese name: 永德县
Location: Northwest of Lincang city, Yunnan Province
Area: 3,296 square kilometers
Population:369,700 (in 2010)
Language: Yunnan dialect
Yongde county climate is generally the river valley monsoon climate, which is the convergence of south subtropical and north tropical. The climate in Yongde county is mild, and generally warm and temperate. The annual average sunshine hours in Yongde county are 2196.1 hours, and the total solar radiation is 133.58 kcal/cm2. 
Administrative divisions
There are 3 towns (Dedang Town(德党镇), Xaomengtong Town(小勐统镇), Yongkang Town(永康镇)), 7 townships (Mengban Township(勐板乡), Yalian Township(亚练乡), Wumulong Yi Ethnic Township(乌木龙彝族乡), Daxueshan Yi, Lahu, Dai Ethnic Township(大雪山彝族拉祜族傣族乡), Banka Township(班卡乡), Chonggang Township(崇岗乡), Dashan Township(大山乡)) and a state-owned farm(Mengdi Farm(勐底农场)) in Yongde county.
Yongde county is located in the northwest of Lincang city, Yunnan province. Located in the south of  Hengduan mountain longitudinal valley in west Yunnan, it is adjacent to Gengma, Zhenkang, Longling, Shidian, Changning, Fengqing and Yun county, with a total area of 3,296 square kilometers. The Topography of Yongde county is east, south, west high, sloping to the north.
Top Attractions 
Main scenic spots in Yongde County:

Yongde Snow Mountain(永德大雪山), The Earth Buddha(永康土佛), Menggong Goddess of Mercy Hole(勐汞观音洞), Manghai Reservoir(忙海水库), Ten thousand Units of Area Mango Garden(万亩芒果百科园), Mysterious Limi Tribe(神秘俐侎部落)、Tea Culture Experience pavilion of Rong in Yongde County(戎氏永德茶文化体验馆).


Visitors from other provinces can first arrive at Kunming Changshui airport by plane and then transfer to Lincang, which currently has two airports.

1. Lincang Boshang airport(临沧博尚机场), flying about 45 minutes from Kunming. Lincang city is 186 kilometers away from Yongde county, you can rent a car in the local for a self-driving travel, or take long-distance, the whole Road is second-class highway.

2. Cangyuan Washan airport(沧源佤山机场), about an hour from Kunming. Washan airport is 234 kilometers away from the county seat of Yongde county, the whole road  is second-class highway.


There aren't four-star and five-star hotels in Yongde county, but some recommended hotels that can make you live comfortably like Yongde Yongqian Hotel(永乾大酒店), Yongde Guyuecun Hotel(古月村大酒店) and Yongde Yongtong Hotel(永通大酒店) etc.

Ethnic groups

There are Yi(彝族), Wa(佤族), Bulang(布朗族), Dai(傣族), Lisu(傈僳族), Deang(德昂族) and Lahu(拉祜族) etc, 22 ethnic groups living in Yongde county.


22 ethnic groups inhabit on this land. Some festivals with ethnic characteristics have been preserved like Bath Festival of Limi/Sangzhaoli(彝族俐侎人的洗澡节/桑沼哩), Door-closing Festival and Door-opening Festival etc.


Top 10 of Yongde specialties, Yongde Mango, Yongde Tea, Yongde Walnut, Yongde Medicine Terminalia Fruit, Wumulong Gourd Pear(乌木龙葫芦果), Yongde Litchi, Limi People’s Leixiang tea in bamboo(俐侎人竹筒雷响茶), Makuo Fruit(骂萿果), Maliu Mixes Bean Sprout(骂榴拌豆芽), Yongde Pea Jelly(永德豌豆凉粉).

Yongde County History

Yongde County History

Yongde belonged to Ailao in Western Han Dynasty, the name is Shiyan.Donghan Yongping 12 years ( 69 ),Yongde belonged to Yongchang County. Yongde county belong to Yongchang County of...

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Yongde County Culture

Yongde County Culture

Nowadays in Yongde the popular folk culture main including YunNan Folk Dance(打歌),hopping dance(跳摆) Antiphony of Folk Songs(对山歌),guess riddles,sacrificia activities and so on . There are many ethnic festivals: Water- ...

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