Yongde County History

Yongde belonged to Ailao in Western Han Dynasty, the name is Shiyan.Donghan Yongping 12 years ( 69 ),Yongde belonged to Yongchang County. Yongde county belong to Yongchang County of Yi state in three kingdoms .Yongde belong to Yongchang county of Ning State. From west Jin to South dynasty.Yongde belong to Pu from Zhon to Sui.

In Tang of Nanzhao, kingdom making extension of South County, Belong to Yongchang .Dali Kingdom of Song dynasty, changed Tuonan to Kang city and belong to Yongchang. In early Qing Dynasty Yongde along the Ming Dynasty system.,Eight year of Yongzheng Yongchang belonged to Yixi Road.; in 2 ( 1913 ), Yongkang state changed to Zhenkang County,;1913,Yixi Road changed to Tengyue Road. April 5, 1950, the liberation of Zhenkang County, and the county government stationed in Li Baoshan Prefecture. The Spring of 1953, got orders to Ning now transferred to the Burmese in Lincang Prefecture.

1970, Lincang Prefecture to the Lincang area, Yongde County under the Lincang area. Till June 2008, Yongde County includes 10 towns, 118 village, 1634 village groups, Mengdi farm (勐底农场)in the territory.Seven Villages:Mengban Villages (勐板乡):Yaliang Villages (亚练乡)、Wu Mulong Villages (乌木龙乡)、Daxueshan Villages 大雪山乡) Banka Villages (班卡乡)Chonggang Villages 崇岗乡)、Dashan Villages (大山乡).Three townshiops ::Dedang Township(德党镇)、Xiaomengtong Township (小孟统乡)Yongkang Township (永康镇).