Yongsheng County Festivals and Events

Yongsheng is a unified multi-ethnic county inhabited mainly by the Han nationality. All the industrious and intelligent ethnic groups have lived together in harmony and built a beautiful "land of fish and rice". So there are many ethnic festivals and activities celebrated by locals.

1.Taliu Baba Festival(他留粑粑节)

It is the most solemn and traditional festival of Taliu people held in every 24th June. Taliu baba is made of glutinous rice mixed with regular rice. Every year, when the festival of Baba comes, Taliu people will make the Baba of 12 tower for the ancestors.

2. Knifeladder-Climbing Festival(刀杆节)

This festival has been widely celebrated in the inhabited area of Lisu and Yi of Yunnan province. Due to the death of old artists, it is now only popular in Lushui of Nujiang, Yangbi of Dali and Yongsheng of Lijiang.

3. Sanduo Festival

The official festival of Lijiang. During each eighth February (lunar calendar), the Sanduo Festival is the most grand traditional festival of Naxi people. Sanduo Festival is aimed to pay homage to their protection god: Sanduo. During that day, local Naxi people will hold a carnival accompanied with various festivities include Naxi Ancient Music Performance, sing, dance, horse racing and picnicking. 

4. Torch Festival

This is a famous festival of those of the Yi and Naxi Group living in Lijiang. Originally held on every 25th  to 27th June of Chinese lunar calendar. According to ancient rules, it will last for three nights. By night, the locals will hold a long and tiny torch in hand, and gather for singing and dancing around a bonfire.The burning torch is regarded as an auspicious sign by Naxi and Yi people.

5. July Fair

July Festival is another important festival of Naxi people. It occurs each middle July according to lunar calendar and mainly involves trading of horse or cows. Thus, it is nicknamed as Horse Trade Festival.