Changxin Festival of Pumi Ethnic Minority

Chinese Name:普米族尝新节
English Name: Changxin Festival of Pumi Ethnic Minority




During the harvest season,the Pumi Ethnic Minority(普米族) will hold the Changxin Festival(尝新节), and every family will open a new jar of wine with the new rice(or make the buckwheat baba) and fresh fruits to sacrifice to“zongbala”(宗巴拉) god and ancestors.They began to slaughter pigs and sheep,invite friends and relatives to share new grain and celebrate the harvest with them. The Pumi Ethnic Minority also feed rice balls to the dogs on the day of Changxin Festival same as the Spring Festival.There is no fixed date for the Changxin Festival of Pumi Ethnic Minority,it depends on the local harvest of crops,Most villages are different from each other,but the difference is about 5-10days at most.The Changxin Festival is generally held twice or once,in the days after the harvest. During the festival,people used to visit some of their relatives,and held recreational activities,telling and singing the history,traditional custom of their nation,and pray for the good harvest in the coming year.

The Changxin Festival of Pumi Ethnic Minority is usually no more than four or five days apart,and it always celebrated on an auspicious day in the July 15th of the lunar calendar.Before the festival,every family would brew a jar of white wine and a Sulima wine(苏里玛酒), brewed form the fresh grain .When it come to the festival, they would burn three sticks of incense on the altar of “mani heap”(嘛尼堆) in the village.In the words of the chief mourner of Hanggui or an elder.After the prayers,families offered “Zangbala”(藏巴拉) freshly brewed rice wine and freshly cooked rice or stuffed bun one by one.After completed the sacrifice,the first bowl of fresh rice was for the dogs,and the first bowl of freshly brewed rice wine was for the elderly.Then, the whole family gathered together to drink the young wine and eat the new rice to celebrate the harvest.

Translated by Fan Xin/范欣