Yulong County Overview

Located in the northwest of Yunnan province, Yulong Naxi Autonomous County is one of the counties under the jurisdiction of Lijiang city. It is the only Naxi autonomous county in China. 

1.Basic Information

● Chinese Name: 玉龙纳西族自治县

● Area: 6521 square kilometer

● Population: 219348(2012)

● Zip code: 674100

● Dialing code: (+86) 0888 

2. Location

Yulong county is adjacent to Lijiang Gucheng district and Ninglang county in the east, Jianchuan county of Dali in the south, Weixi county of Diqing Prefecture in the west, Lanping county of Nujiang Prefecture, and Shangri-la county of Diqing Prefecture and Muli County of Sichuan Province in the north. Between the east longitude 99 ° 22 '49 "17" ~ 100 ° 32' and north latitude 26 ° 35 '03 "~ 27 ° 45' 46".

3. Administrative Division

By 2014, Yulong county had jurisdiction over 16 townships (towns), 97 village committees, 5 neighborhood committees and 913 groups of villagers. The government sits in Huangshan Town.

4. People

In 2012, the total population of Yulong county was 219,348, including 188,484 ethnic minorities. Among the ethnic minorities, there are 123187 Naxi people, accounting for 56.16 percent of the total population of Yulong county. Other ethnic minorities include Han, Lisu, Bai, Yi, Pumi, Tibetan, Miao, etc. 

5. Geography

Yulong County is located at the junction of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, at the southern foot of Hengduan mountains, high in the north and low in the south. It's 151 kilometers long from north to south and 112 kilometers wide from east to west. There are three geomorphic types: mountain land, basin and valley, and the area of mountainous land and semi-mountainous area accounts for 96.53% of the total.

6. Climate

Yulong County has three-dimensional climate characteristics, annual average temperature is 12.9 ℃, annual sunshine hour is 2463.4, annual rainfall of 968.3 mm. Without severe cold in the winter and intense heat in the summer.

7. Best Time to Visit

Any time during the year is suitable for traveling Yulong County of Lijiang. However, spring and winter is the best time to view Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for the weather is clear and the mountain is covered with heavy snow.

8. R

● Biological and Mineral Resources

Yulong county is known as the "Alpine plant kingdom" and "the hometown of medicinal materials". There are abundant biological and mineral resources, including key protected animals Yunnan golden monkey, clouded leopard, Yunnan yew, etc., and gold, copper, iron, coal, marble, granite, etc.

● Natural Landscape

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain--China's first 5A scenic spot, national glacier geological park

Tiger Leaping Gorge--the world's deepest canyon with a length of 17 kilometers and a relative height difference of 3, 896 meters

Laojun Mountain--the "ancestors of many mountains in Yunnan province", national geological park, "sanctuary of rare and endangered species in the northern hemisphere", and world natural heritage of "three parallel rivers"

First Bend of Yangtze River-- the river makes a 90 degree turn from south to east within a distance of 1 kilometer

Lashihai Lake--international important wetlands, national water conservancy scenic spot

9. Ethnic Culture

Located in the economic and cultural convergence zone of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibetan, it is the birthplace of Dongba culture. Ancient books and documents of Dongba script are "world memory heritage", and Dongba script is known as "living hieroglyphs".