Yunxian County Attractions

Located in southwest of Yunnan province, the east of Lincang City, Yunxian county is a remote and mysterious county. There are many natural landscapes waiting for your exploration.

 Traditional ethnic villages like Houqing Village of Houqing Town(后箐乡后箐村), Maolan Village of Maolan Town(茂兰乡茂兰村), Wenfeng Village of Dazhai Town(大寨乡文丰村) and Bangxin Village of Xingfu Town(幸福镇邦信村) etc; Ethnic towns like Houqing Yi Ethnic Town(后箐彝族乡), Lishu Yi and Dai Ethnic Town(栗树彝族傣族乡) and Manghuai Yi and Bulang Ethnic Town(忙怀彝族布朗族乡) etc; Two hydropower stations, Mnawan Hydropower Station and Dachaoshan Hydropower Station; Human landscapes like Sichuan Temple in Yunxian County, Site of Yunnan-Myanmar Railway (云县滇缅铁路遗址 ) and others attractions like Maolan Hot Spring and Dakongbeng Hot Spring are wroth being developed.

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