Yunxian County Festivals and Events

23 ethnic Minorities, which inhabit in Yunxian county, created a colorful ethnic culture. Participating in local festivals and activities is fun and interesting, and it is a favorable way to get closer to their people and cultures. Apart from traditional Chinese festivals, there are some local activities and festivals in Yunxian county. Here is basic information about some activities.

1. Caihua Festival(踩花节)

"Caihua", which means looking for friends, takes place on the second to fifth day of the first lunar month and on June 25th every year. It is one of ways of social activity for Limi youth.

2. Zaotanghui/Bath Festival(澡塘会)

It is the annual bath party of the limi people. The time is after the second lunar month.

3. Pilgrimage to A Mountain of Yi(彝族朝山会)

Two main contents of pilgrimage to a mountain of Yi are ritual activity and performance of singing and dancing.  It is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month and the third day of the third lunar month.

4. Lesser Bairam, Corban Festival and Eid-Milad Nnabi of Chinese Hui Ethnic Group

They are the main festivals of Hui Ethnic Group.

5. Yunxian County Lancang River Beer Carnival(云县澜沧江啤酒狂欢节)

In Yunxian County, the liveliest, the grandest and the funniest activity is the Lancang River beer carnival during the Lantern Festival every year. Starting from 2005, the beer carnival develops gradually. 

The beer festival of Yunxian county, Lincang city, Yunnan province has shown its continuous vitality with its peculiarity and richness, has become a regional festival activity loved by the local people and having a wide influence on the surrounding counties and cities.