Yunxian County Entertainment

1)nightlife activities and other activities

As for nightlife activities, Yunxian does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV, disco and other clubs can easily be found around the city. Shengjing Night Market (盛景商务会所 )gathers a lots of bars and clubs for people to enjoy their night in Yunxian. Mingxing Dry shating arenaa(明星运动旱冰场 )、Youth Activities Center(青少年校外活动中心)、coffee house、Tea house、Hot spring Resort and so on can be found Yunxian.You can enjoy your time here.


 Yizhong KTV (益忠KTV )

Address: No,391,Xinxing Road of Yunxian云县新兴街391号

Tel :0883-3224698


Shenjing Business Club(盛景商务会所 )

Address:West of  Binghe Road in Yunxian county云县滨河西路



Mingxing Dry shating arenaa (明星运动旱冰场)

Address: West of  Binghe Road in Yunxian county云县滨河西路

Tel :0883-3226206


Gediao Leisure Pavilion (格调休闲阁)

 Adress:Yunxing Business Street in Aihua township of Yunxian 爱华镇 云兴商业街

Per captial:¥150

Type:  coffee house


Youth Activities Center(青少年校外活动中心)

Address: No,3 on East Street in Aihua Township of Yunxian 爱华镇 东大街3号


Tea Pavillion (茶苑楼)

Address: No,23 on Wenhua Road of Yunxian 云县文化路23号



Da Laopu Hot Sping Villa(大老朴温泉山庄)

Address:Highway 313 of Yun County 云县313省道

Per capita:¥800

PS: Water environment and service are high-quality . Da Laopu Hot Sping Villa(大老朴温泉山庄)set swimming, accommodation, meals ,bath, foot bath, boiled eggs as one.


2)Beer Festival of Yunxian(云县啤酒节)

To Yunxian should not miss the beer Festival the  full name is  Lancang beer carnival. Every Lunar January fifteen is the Carnival Night. Colorful activities  attract a large number of businessmen, tourists and the county people to participate. Invite a few well-known singers, Turpan ensembles, Lancang ensembles in the program. Various competitions of gourmet cooking have contest prizes.“Zui mei Langcang River”(醉美澜沧江)beer drinking contest, Yunxian landscape(山水云县)—the painting photography contest, and dragon boat race. Third Street and a square (三街一广场) is  the snack street withal kinds of  flavor, technological and cultural services street, native folklore show street. Lancang beer Cultural Square(澜沧江啤酒文化广场) it is a sea of people. A variety of snacks, local products tempt the appetite of people. From morning to night, drinking  beer, eaingt barbecue, , the entire beer culture plaza is crowded and  bustling.Welcome to join us.