Zhenkang County Overview

Basic Information

Chinese name: 镇康县

Location: Southwest of Yunnan, West of Lincang City

Area: About 2642 square kilometers

Population: 182,800 (in 2015)

Language: Zhenkang dialect, Mandarin  

Postcode: 67704

Administrative Divisions

As a county-level city, Zhenkang administers 3 towns and 4 townships.

3 towns: Fengwei Town(凤尾镇), Nansan Town(南伞镇), Mengpeng Town(勐捧镇)

4 townships: Junsai Wa, Lahu, Lisu, Deang Town(军赛佤族拉祜族傈僳族德昂族乡), Muchang Township(木场乡), Mengdui Township(勐堆乡), Mangbing Township(忙丙乡).


Zhenkang county(镇康县) is located in the southwest of Yunnan province, the west of Lincang city, between the downstream of the Nantian river(南汀河) and the downstream of the Nujiang river(怒江). The new county seat of Zhenkang county, Nansan town, is an important border port town, where ethnic minorities live together in border, mountains and tropical zone. It is 9 kilometers away from the county seat of Kokang county, 87 kilometers away from Lashio(腊戌), an important city of Myanmar. Also Nansan town is national secondary-level land passage port and one of the 25 frontier counties in Yunnan.

The highest point in Zhenkang county is the Xuezhulin mountain(雪竹林山) of Muchang Township(木场乡), 2978 meters above sea level. The lowest point is the Nanting River in Junsai Township(军赛乡), 510 meters above sea level. The relative altitude difference is 2468 meters. Among the total area of Zhenkang county, mountainous area accounts for 98%, barrage area is 2%.


The climate in Zhenkang is warm and temperate. In winter, there is much less rainfall than in summer. Zhenkang county is tropical monsoon climate of south Asia in low-latitude mountain. The average annual temperature of Zhenkang is 18.7°C, Zhenkang enjoys agreeable weather with four seasons. Like other places in Yunnan, you can travel in Zhenkang all the year round.

Things to Do

As a county with abundant natural resources and special geographical position, several attractions you can not miss. The great works of nature, for example, Transnational cave, Male and female falls, Nanpeng River natural reserve and Zhenkang hot spring.


If you are going to Zhenkang or leaving Zhenkang, long-distance bus is major option. Otherwise, you have to charter a vehicle or drive by yourself. If you want to get around Zhenkang county seat, taxi and bus are available. Two main bus terminals in Zhenkang, Nansan Bus Terminal and Zhenkang Fengwei Bus Terminal.


Zhenkang county is a county under the administration of Lincang city, Southwest of Yunnan province, China. It was renamed Yongkang prefecture(永康州) in late Qing dynasty, Yongkang county(永康县) in 1913 and Zhenkang county in 1915. Zhenkang county is a county with a long history. It was originally ruled by tusi(土司). Later on, Yongde county separated out Zhenkang county. In recent years, the county seat of Zhenkang county was moved from Fengwei town(凤尾镇) to Nansan town, a place close to Yanglong village(杨龙寨) of Kokang county.

Ethnic Groups

There are Han, Wa, Dai, Deyang, Lisu, Bulang, Miao, Lahu and other 23 ethnic groups in Zhenkang county.