Zhenkang County History

Zhenkang County in Western Han Dynasty called Ailao country . Yongping twelve years (69 years) in Han dynasty belonged  to Yongchang County .

In Three Kingdoms Zhenkang belonged to Yizhou of Yongchang County . In Western Jin Dynasty Belonged  to the southern Liangzhou in Yongchang county. The Department is in Zhouzhi sui.

Song Dali, changed for Cannes, is Yongchang Palace .  Shaosheng three years (1096), Zhenkang belonged  to the Cannes and Yongchang Fuqing dian.

At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty along the Ming Dynasty, Zhenkang Province  belong to Toshu . Shunzhi sixteen years (1659) Zhenkang for reducing soil  to scattered state Yongchang, a military and civilian government. Yong Zheng eight years (1730), Yongchang Palace belongec to Yi Road west. Thirty-four years Guangxu (1908), Zhenkang, began the policy that called “Gaitu Guiliu”. Thirty-four years Guangxu (1908), Zhenkang (soil), Zhisuo moved from Yongkang to Germany party. Xuantong two years (1910), Zhenkang Committee Yong Kangzhou Still,beled to  Yongchang.
In two years (1913), Yongkang county and the town changed.In three years (1914), the road to vault Road, Zhenkang County Tengyue road. In eighteen years (1929), cut the road directly under the province. In thirty-one years (1942), the chief inspector of the Fifth District (in Shun county ). Thirty-seven years of the Republic of China (1948), Yunnan Province, the chief inspector of the ninth district (county in Burma).
April 5, 1950, May, the peaceful liberation of Zhenkang County; Zhenkang County People’s government was formally established, in the county German town Party Li, Baoshan area.

In 1952, the establishment of  Zhenkang County area. In 1954, the area just changed its name to the Lincang area,.Zhenkang County, under the Lincang area.
1970, Lincang area change Lincang area to  Zhenkang County, belonged to Lincang area.

In 2001 December, Zhenkang County People’s Government moved  to Nansan town .