How to Get to Nuodeng Old Town from Kunming

Located 470 km away from Kunming Downtown and about 160 km northwest of Dali, Nuodeng is an aged Bai ethnic village under jurisdiction of Yunlong County of Dali Prefecture. With more than one thousand years’ history, Nuodeng has old and special salt culture, which gave birth to the time-honored Nuodeng ham. Here are different ways getting to Nuodeng Old Town.

How to Get to Nuodeng Old Town from Kunming

Kunming – Yunlong County – Nuodeng Village

At Kunming West Bus Station, there are 2 long-distance buses running to Yunlong county. The departure time is 10:00 and 11:00 with the journey about 7.5 hours. The ticket fare is about RMB 193-208. Kunming West Bus Station is located at No.18, Yining Road, Xishan District, Kunming city.

Outside the bus station in Yunlong, there are tricycles and minibus for hire to get you to Nuodeng Old Town. It’s about 7 km (4 mi) away.

Kunming – Dali – Yunlong County – Nuodeng Village

Usually more tourists will combine the visit to Nuodeng village with a Dali tour. It’s about 160 km northwest of Dali and at the Dali Express Bus Station(大理快速汽车客运站) which is located at No.5, Jianshe East Road in Xiaguan (Dali New Town), the buses running to Yunlong County every 40 minutes from 7:30 to 14:50. The last two depart at 15:40 and 16:30.

There are three different ways of getting to Dali from Kunming. Please refer the information on How to Get to Dali From Kunming.