Ninuo Mountain and Ninuo Tea Plantation in Changning County, Baoshan

Chinese Name:昌宁县尼诺山
English Name: Ninuo Mountain and Ninuo Tea Plantation in Changning County, Baoshan

Ninuo Mountian(尼诺山),Changning County(昌宁县),has an average elevation of 1875 meters , the average annual temperature of 13.9 degrees centigrade ,and the annual rainfall is1650 millimeter,the soil type is yellow soil,and has a unique climate suitable for tea, thus forming a unique natural ecological environment of Ninuo tea(尼诺茶),the quality of Ninuo tea(尼诺茶)is superior quality ,is called “Dianlvzhenpin”(滇绿珍品), and one of the “eight famous tea in Yunnnan”(云南八大名茶), and the content of amino acids(氨基酸) is 40% higher than the same Big leaf kind of tea(大叶种茶)by analysing of Yunnan Tea Research Institute.

Yunnan’s Ninuo tea(尼诺茶)is named for its produced in the Ninuo Mountian(尼诺山)of Changning County(昌宁县),Baoshan(宝山) District.In 1987,when the professor Anthony audi, from the food and agriculture organization of the united nations,visited Changning and was full praise(赞口不绝) after drinking the tea.In 1988, Sri Lanka tea expert Goering came to Changning(昌宁),when he tasted it ,he called it “High quality tea”(茶中精品).

Planting history

Legend has it that as early as the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty(明代洪武年间) (1368-1398 AD), the monks and nuns (僧尼)of Biyun Temple(碧云寺) in Changning County planted tea with good quality ,Known as “Biyun Xian Tea”(“碧云仙茶”).In the Ming(明) and qing(清) dynasties,there was another development. an ancient tea tree in the hot spring town(温泉乡) near Nino Mountain(尼诺山),which has been cultivated more than 200 years . By the 1920s and 1930s, farmers began to grow tea ,but due to the inconvenience of transportation and backward technology ,lead to development is slow. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China(中华人民共和国), the people’s government gave full play to the advantage of suitable tea in 70% of the county and vigorously developed the production of tea. By 1990, the area of tea garden in the county had reached more than 110,000 mu(亩). In 1983, Changning County (昌宁县)was recommended to join the tea technology promotion network of seven provinces and cities. In 1985, it was listed as one of the four high-quality tea base counties in China, which are equally famous with Fuyang in Zhejiang(浙江富阳), Anxi in Fujian(福建安溪) and Yuexi in Anhui(安徽岳西).

Place of production

Ninuo Mountian (尼诺山) is located in the low latitude plateau mountains ,with fresh air ,abundant sunlight,overlapping ranges of high mountains,more mist and the fog period is long.When rain is rare in the late autumn and early spring,the valley area around the Ninuo Mountain (尼诺山) are mostly covered with white fog.This land is fertile ,sandy yellow soil(沙质黄壤), loose structure, ventilated and permeable, thus forming a unique ecological environment of Ninuo tea(尼诺茶).Ninuo tea(尼诺茶) is made from the Big leaf tea(大叶种茶) grown in Ninuo Mountain(尼诺山).

The quality characteristics

Ninuo tea(尼诺茶) is carefully selected spring tea “one bud and two leaves”(“一芽二叶”) of fresh leaves, it is elaborately made by various procedures .According to identification, the amino acid(氨基酸) content of Ninuo tea(尼诺茶) is 382.9 mg/g, about 40% higher than that of the same big-leaf tea(大叶茶), the water extract(水浸出物) is 48.41%, Catechin(儿茶素) is 145.8 mg/g.Drinking Ninuo tea(尼诺茶) can produce saliva and quench thirst(生津止渴), excitement and refreshing(兴奋提神), regulate blood pressure(血压), promote fat digestion, prevent nitrite(亚硝酸) synthesis in the human body;can digest food and strengthen stomach(消食健胃), clear eyes and clear heart(明目清心),it is known as “fitness and beauty tea” (“健身美容茶”.
Translated by Li Yin/李胤

Ninuo Mountain and Ninuo Tea Plantation in Changning County, Baoshan