Nightlife and Entertainment in Kunming

Kunming has not only a rich cultural atmosphere, but also a variety of entertainment activities. In addition to offering a variety of daytime visiting places, Kunming has a vibrant nightlife. As night falls, a whole new range of interests await you.

Night Markets and Bars in Kunming

For those who live in the city and love nightlife, the Kundu night market is the one they are most familiar with. It is a place of dining, tourism, shopping and culture. Here you can find teahouses, cafes, Internet bars, local snacks and so on, aiming to different people. It’s located right next to Yunnan university. In addition, the recreational places around Jinma Biji archway are mostly the entertainment places for young people in Kunming, where they can sing and dance easily to enjoy their youth. There are also a lot of characteristic bars around Green lake, which have higher consumption, but higher level and more characteristic.

Recommended Bars

  • Turtle Club
    Add: The 1st Floor, Xiexin Tiandi, Jianshe Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区建设路协信天地1层
    Tel: +86 580 887 8857
  • Alei Lounge Club & Tapas Bar
    Address: No.100, Qianwang Street, Zhengyi Archway, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区正义坊钱王街100号
    Tel: +86 871 6836 9099
  • Vervo Club&Bar
    Address: No.71, Qianwang Street, Zhengyi Archway, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区正义坊钱王街71号
    Tel: 0871-68072715
  • O’Reilly’s Irish Pub
    Address: No.52, Dongfeng East Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区东风东路52号
    Tel: 13668757476
  • The Club
    Address: Zhengyi Archway, Kunming Old Street, West Zhengyi Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区正义路西侧昆明老街正义坊
    Tel: 15912565773

Recommended Cafes

  • Salvador Coffee
    Address: No.76, Wenlin Street Culture Alley, Wuhua Street, Kunming City昆明市五华区文林街文化巷76号
    Tel: +86 871 6536 3525
  • French Cafe Lanbaihong
    Address: No.70, Wenlin Street, Wuhua Street, Kunming City昆明市五华区文林街70号
    Tel: 0871-65382391
  • Dawn Cafe
    Address: No.109, Beimen Street, Wuhua Street, Kunming City昆明市五华区北门街109号
    Tel: +86 189 8846 0203
  • Prague Cafe
    Address: No.40, Wenlin Street, Wuhua Street, Kunming City昆明市五华区文林街40号
    Tel: 0871-65332764
  • Masterstone Coffee
    Address: No.98, Cuihu North Road, Wuhua Street, Kunming City昆明市五华区翠湖北路98号
    Tel: 13378716392
  • Coffee break
    Address: No.40, Wenlin Street, Wuhua Street, Kunming City昆明市五华区文林街40号
    Tel: 0871-65364460

Recommended Teahouses

  • Qiren Tea House(吉人茶楼)
    Address: No.68, Cuihu North Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区翠湖北路68号
    Tel: 0871-65337886
    Address: No.67, Cuihu South Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区翠湖南路67号
    Tel: 15887829811/18183848604
  • Qing Jin Ge(清衿阁)
    Address: No.15, Zhonghe Alley, Cuihu South Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区翠湖南路中和巷15号
    Tel: 13888923191
  • Yi Hu Chun(一壶春)
    Address: No.10, Xinan Alley, Xinying Residential Quarter, Donghua Sub-district, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区东华街道新迎小区新安巷10号
    Tel: 13888036726
  • Pin Yuan(品院)
    Address: No.50, Qianwang Street, Zhengyi Archway, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区正义坊钱王街50号
    Tel: 18687500827/0871-65135300

Performance in Kunming 

Kunming has a wide variety of local literature and art, such as Dian opera, Huadeng opera, folk ditties and ethnic minority operas, long folk narrative poems and folk legends, etc., which have been developed and spread for hundreds of years, welcomed by the masses. There are many theaters in Kunming to watch the original ecological Yunnan ethnic song and dance performances, which can make people better understand the customs of ethnic minorities. If you come to Kunming of Yunnan province, don’t miss the performance “Dynamic Yunnan”, which has shocked countless minds. It will start a spiritual journey, taking you to experience the most original ecological and richest Yunnan customs.

Dynamic Yunnan

Dynamic Yunnan is a large ecological song and dance collection that highlights Yunnan’s strong ethnic customs and relies on ethnic culture, fully displaying the essence of Yunnan ethnic minorities’ original songs and dances. It is a stage work with both traditional beauty and modern power. The whole play is divided into the sequence of “the original state of the thing”, the first scene to the fourth scene are the sun, land, homeland and pilgrimage. The final epilogue is “the spirit of the peacock”. All of these show the authentic dances, music and customs of Yunnan ethnic minorities. There is a magnificent drum array, wonderful music, passionate Shouting, and the beautiful dance.

Basic Information

  • Performance Venue: Yunnan Art Theater(No.132, Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District)
  • Performance Time: Monday- Sunday(20:00—21:30)
  • Price: Premium CNY 520 / A CNY400 / B CNY 300 / C CNY 220
  • Tel: 4000416588/0871-63628996/0871-63633581
  • Note: Dynamic Yunnan Closes during spring festival. 

Hot Spring in Kunming

Anning hot water bathing pool can soak in the outdoor hot spring, eliminate fatigue, very comfortable.

Anning Hot Spring

Anning City is a county-level city governed by Kunming city, 42 kilometers away from Kunming city. It is well-known for its abundant hot springs resource. If time permits, you can have a really relax day in Jinfang Forest Hot Spring where provides you with soft water in high temperature and high salinity, which is very beneficial to the health.

Dianchi Lake Cruise

Dianchi lake is the largest lake in Yunnan province of China, with an area of 297.9 square kilometers and an elevation of 1886 meters. The maximum depth of the lake is 8 meters, with an average depth of 5.5 meters. Dianchi lake is located in the southwest of kunming city. It is a lake formed by fault subsidence, surrounded by mountains, including Jinma mountain in the east, Biji mountain in the west, Snake mountain in the north and Baihe(White Crane) mountain in the south. Take a cruise to view Dianchi lake, you can sit on the boat to look at the coastal scenery of Haigeng park, eucalyptus trees, long corridor for seeing sea, Dianchi lake interface, air ropeway, overlook Xishan forest park, western hill and dragon gate, sleeping beauty mountain. In winter, you can sit on the boat watching black-headed gulls, feeling the unique charm of Dianchi lake.

More Dianchi Lake Cruise in Kunming

Visiting Golden Temple Fair

Among all the activities in Kunming, one that is quite popular and grand is the golden temple fair. Golden temple fair is an ancient traditional folk and folk religious and cultural activity, the purpose is praying for the New Year. The “golden temple fair” on the ninth day of the first lunar month has a history of more than 400 years. Every year when the “golden temple fair”, people from all direction go to the Golden Temple to go on a spring outing and enjoy the delicious food there.

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