Tea Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences


According to the “Sipu Border Development Plan” compiled by the Yunnan Civil Affairs Department in 1944, “the pilot tea plantation set up in Nannuo mountain, which was not only for tea making, but also for the improvement of planting.” In 1957, tea research institute of Yunnan academy of agricultural sciences moved to Menghai county(勐海县), Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture,Yunnan Province, located in the hometown of pu’er tea, covering an area of 1350 mu.

Now,there are germplasm innovation research room, breed selection research room, organic tea cultivation research room, processing engineering research room, tea culture research room and tea comprehensive laboratory, science and technology achievement demonstration transformation center, Yuncha science and technology company and Yunnan Province No. 165 Vocational Skills Laboratory.

Development Trend

In 2004, it cooperated with Xishuangbanna Prefecture to establish the Pu’er Tea Research Institute; in November 2005, it cooperated with China Tea Co., Ltd. to establish the “China Pu’er Tea Research Institute”. The firm has 129 current employees, including 71 professional and technical personnel (6 in high vocational and 32 in secondary vocational).


Since its establishment, it has carried out research and demonstration and promotion work on germplasm resources, new varieties selection, cultivation, Pu’er tea, famous green tea, black tea processing, physiology and biochemistry, and ethnic tea culture in Yunnan. In total, 41 research projects have won scientific and technological achievement awards, including 2 at the national level, 16 at the provincial and ministerial levels, and 23 at the prefectural level.

“Dense planting and high-yield cultivation technology” was listed as a key promotion project by the Ministry of Agriculture and promoted more than 1 million acres in Yunnan Province. The investigation of tea tree species resources in Yunnan Province yielded fruitful results. The largest area in the country was built and more than 860 rare resources were saved. Developed more than 10 national and provincial-level famous new products such as “Yunhai Baihao”, “Foxiang Tea”,”Yunhai Yinsuo”, and “Pu’er Tea” with special effect of lowering blood fat.

Through activities such as promoting agriculture through science and technology, poverty alleviation with technology, and technical training, the promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements have been accelerated, which has contributed to improving the scientific and technological level of Yunnan tea industry.


Menghai county, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province(云南省西双版纳傣族自治州勐海县)

Edited by Ziwei Chen/陈紫薇