Deepure Biotea Valley in Puer

Chinese Name:普洱市帝泊洱生物茶谷景区
English Name: Deepure Biotea Valley in Puer

Decision on Approval of Listing 4 Tourist Attractions including Butterfly Spring Park (Dali) into National 4A Tourist Attractions (Document [2018] No. 2) was issued by Yunnan Tourism Tourist Attraction Quality Grading Committee on June 19, which officially approved the “Deepure Biotea Valley” to be listed as a National 4A Tourist Attraction, the 4th 4A tourist attraction in Pu’er. The previous three are respectively the Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Park, the Pu’er National Park, the Pu’er Ximeng Mengsuo Longtan Lake Scenic Area.

“Deepure Biotea Valley”, located at No. 1, Deepure Avenue, Pu’er, is a production industrial park constructed by Yunnan Tasly Deepure Biotea Group Co., Ltd. under Tasly Holding Group. The project is about 10 km from the downtown area of Pu’er City, with its first phase covering an area of 792 acres and convenient transportation. It is close to two famous tourist attractions in Pu’er, the National Forest Park and the China Pu’er Tea Expo Garden, surrounded by mountains and beautiful natural environment. In 2017, “Deepure Biotea Valley” was listed into the China’s Top Ten Industrial Tourism Demonstration Bases.

“Deepure Biotea Valley” sets up seven industrial tourism modules by innovative management through combination of tea and tourism. The seven modules are: (1) industrial tourism, landscape explanation, development of Pu’er tea, history of Deepure, processing and fine and further processing of Pu’er tea; (2) tasting Pu’er featured table meal, local tea meal, Yunnan flower feast, healthy vegetarian meal and special hand pilaf; (3) tea-making experience in the garden of tea farmers, where visitors can experience the traditional tea picking, processing, repression and tasting; (4) tea ceremony learning, multi-media and three-dimensional traditional tea culture learning experience; (5) parent-child activities, summer camp, wedding planning, sport events, outreach training, peak barbecue, custom alumni party, etc.; (6) private custom travel, vehicle leasing, tea break, conference room rental, etc.; and (7) happy farm with a sea of flowers for visitors to have fun.

In recent years, Pu’er has been fully implementing the “global tourism” strategy to promote the “tourism +” integration development, by starting from the work of “one mobile phone guiding your tour in Yunnan”. The city’s tourism development showed high-spirited momentum. From January to May in 2018, there were a total of 46,600 overseas visitors, a year-on-year growth of 20.5%, and 14.1593 million domestic visitors, a year-on-year growth of 23.8%, and a total tourism income of 13.101 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 21.45%.