Who We Are

Yunnan Exploration Travel is a flagship website of CITS Lijiang branch, leading foreign travellers to visit amazing Yunnan province, China. As the No.1 local tour agency based in Kunming and Lijiang, Yunnan Exploration has already served over 5,000 clients for more than 10 years, and won great reputation in the travel circle. Yunnan Exploration Travel features organizing private tour, holiday package, and tailor-make theme trips, such as trekking, photography, and golf tours, in addition, extensions to Tibet, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. With enhanced serving resources and facilities, Yunnan Exploration Travel is your ideal window to open a colorful China trip. Maybe our website is a little far from the best one, but our service and price offered make us always beyond others.

Many of our valued clients and friends have written to us after their trip to China to tell us how surprised they were by what they saw in our huge and fascinating country. It’s most impressive to see how so many travelers have turned their visit to Yunnan from just a thought into the best memories of a lifetime.

Yunnan Province is the most southwest region of China bordering the countries of Vietnam, Laos, and Burma. Yunnan Province borders Guizhou and Guangxi to the east, Chongqing and Sichuan to the north, and Tibet to the northwest. Within these borders, Yunnan has a diverse topography that ranges from alpine mountain ranges to tropical rainforests and the greatest number of plant species in China (more than 18,000) as well as an incredible array of animals, including the Asian elephant and the protected Yunnan golden monkey. There is even a rainforest in the area known as Xishuangbanna where you will find many rare and endangered species of plants and animals.

Yunnan has handed down an abundant legacy to her people, and this venerable piece of land. We have so many world-class attractions to offer, such as the Three Parallel Rivers in west Yunnan, Lijiang Ancient Town in Lijiang, the Dali Ancient Town and Erhai Lake in Dali; the Stone Forest in Kunming; the tropical rain forest in XishuangBanna;Tiger Leaping Gorge and Meili Snow Mountain in Shangrila as well as the magnificent Mekong Grand Canyon; and not forgetting natural wonders like Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Honghe, etc. Especially, there are 52 ethnic minorities live in Yunnan Province, you will experience the different ethnic culture when you visit everywhere in Yunnan Province. All of which attract many thousands of travelers to Yunnan every year.

Yunnan Exploration Travel (YET) is a reliable and prestigious China Yunnan tour operator, with a team of experienced travel professionals. For years now, we have set goals and high standards for a quality travel service. We are proud to say that YET continues to exceed these goals by achieving still higher standards year on year. Our foremost concern is for our customers’ satisfaction with an emphasis on quality.

We offer both fixed-date Small Group tours for those who want to meet and travel with people from all over the world, and tailor-made tours for individual travelers who like to travel alone or with family or friends, with the flexibility and convenience of choosing their own travel dates, attractions, accommodations, languages, etc according to their preferences and for travel at their own pace.

Come and join us for an exceptional Yunnan experience with unparalleled service at a truly competitive price. Yunnan Exploration Travel, together with this mysterious country and hospitable people, looks forward to providing an experience of a lifetime for you!