Tourist Coaches in Yunnan Province

On June 1, 2019, the first launch ceremony of Tourist Coaches in Yunnan Province of Yunnan Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd. was held in Kunming North Bus station. On that day, Yunnan Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd. launched five routes of Tourist Coaches from Kunming to Stone Forest, Kunming to Jiuxiang, Kunming to Colorful Yunnan Paradise, Kunming to Dinosaur Valley, Kunming to Dali Ancient Town and Dali Geothermal Paradise, with prices ranging from 176 yuan to 599 yuan.

Compared with the previous “group tour” and “high-speed rail Tour”, the Tourist Coaches can not only realize the travel of “attraction-to-attraction”, greatly reducing the travel cost of tourists, but also provide more convenience and free choice for the majority of tourists.

Chen Xudong, chairman of Yunnan Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd.(Kunming), introduced that the five direct tourism routes opened this time integrate the resource advantages of scenic spots, hotels, transportation and other aspects within the overseas Chinese city Expo Group. Through resource integration, the cost of travel is greatly saved for the vast number of tourists in the way of collection.

Chen Xudong said that one price inclusive, no forced shopping, and free matching of other products are the highlights of the Tourist Coaches. The Tourist Coaches is mainly based on transportation, and according to the needs of tourists, it can independently increase the five key elements of “eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertainment”, so as to truly make tourists feel relieved.

It is reported that at present, tourists can make a reservation for the Tourist Coaches in Yunnan Province by following the “Huaren Tourism Supermarket Yunnan Tourism”. In the future, Yunnan Tourism express will also go online on platforms such as Ctrip, Qunar, and a mobile phone to visit Yunnan, and cooperate with offline stores such as Wanda culture and tourism, so that tourists can have more ticket booking channels.

In terms of the layout of tourism routes, Yunnan Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd. will successively open several routes from Kunming to Tengchong and from Kunming to Lijiang, striving to achieve the full coverage of scenic spots throughout the province.

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